A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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Please review your cart. Dita added it Sep 23, I can’t bear it! Hartshorn marked it as to-read Jan po,ingham, Now you shall have my tale, although it would really serve you right to make you wait till to-morrow.

Venus In The Country. You’re just in time for a most important ceremony.

I could not exhaust him; he was continually shooting his love juice into my very insatiable womb, and it was more than an hour before either of us would consent to a cessation of the game. The combination of emotions quite carried me away, the lovely woman bounding under me in rapture, our luscious kisses, ladg warmth and exquisite titillations of my fundament arrangements seemed such an acme of bliss that when I made the godemiche spend into her my own nature seemed to layd into a sea of lubricity.

Jitka poiingham it liked it Mar 18, The review must be at least 50 characters long. I love you warmer, hotter than ever I could the prettiest girl in the world! The Submission of Little Emmie. Maude Cameron And Her Guardian.

The Pearl/Volume 5/Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It. – Wikisource, the free online library

We were no sooner in our little sanctum, than I exclaimed, “Now, Alice, make haste into bed, I’m all impatient to hear your tale. Reuben and Will were both quite naked, and there was a great contrast between the youths, for while the latter was rather slim, tall and fair, the former was a regular Adonis in figure, beautifully plump rosy face, dark hair, and dark fiery impetuous eyes; his prick was also in a fine state of erection, and neither of them had more than a suspicion of downy hair around the roots of their pricks.

William, under pretense of seeing to his duties, was in the habit of secluding himself in his pantry, or closet, from seven to eight o’clock in the morning for about an hour before breakfast. Subpages Pages with override author. Vinod added it Jun 17, Miss Birch was rather an indulgent schoolmistress, and only had to resort to personal punishment for very serious offenses, which she considered might materially affect the future character of her pupils, unless thoroughly cut out of them from the first.


Next day I made an excuse to go out alone to pay a visit to an old schoolfellow, and two o’clock found me sauntering through Burlington Arcade. The butler was down on his knees in a moment, and glued his lips to her crack, sucking and kissing furiously, to the infinite delight of the girl, who sighed and wriggled with pleasure; till at last Mr.

The Pearl, An Erotic Classic

We shall meet again,” she added with a smile; “I must go now to keep my engagements. Jealousy is unknown in our family. With a gentle effort he reclined her backwards on a sofa, and laey her clothes till Alice had a full view of pkoingham splendid pair of plump, white legs; but what rivetted her gaze most was the luscious looking, pouting lips of Lucy’s cunny, quite vermilion in colour, and slightly gaping open, in a most inviting manner, as her legs were wide apart; her Mons Veneris being covered with a profusion of beautiful curly black hair.

I was nearly seven years old when I had a sudden fancy for making sketches on my slate in school.

Eveline In Three Complete Volumes. I pokingahm jump into bed anyhow; I must make the inspection of my little private curls first. So he shall my dear, and I will suck your darling pego, and find out if you have been deceiving me. Snatch at the Sun. Birch In The Boudoir. Item s unavailable for purchase. Will fucked into his love’s bottom with fury, and seemed to spend almost at the same time, and so exhaustively that he must have fallen backwards had he not clung round Rube’s neck.

We were too soon for His Pokinbham, as on applying our eyes to the peepholes, the boy’s room was yet in the most profound darkness, so as the night was warm, and there was no necessity for covering, we reclined upon the bed to await the coming of Crim-Con; meanwhile we amused ourselves by kissing and toying with each other’s parts, till my handsome butler, notwithstanding the previous hard work of the evening, was in a most rampant, impatient state, and would fain have cooled his ardour within my longing cunt but that would have spoilt all, as our transport would have been certain to be overheard by the page, and thus prevent all our anticipated sight-seeing.

Off with your chemise; I pokinghsm to compare our pusseys,” said she, throwing off everything, and surveying her beautiful naked figure in the large cheval glass. A perceptible tremulousness seemed to vibrate through his form pojingham our lips at last met in a long, loving kiss. He spent again under the stimulating emotions with which I inspired him.


Sanjeev Jain marked it as to-read Oct 20, His face flushed, and his eyes seemed ready to start from his head, and in a few moments something spurted from his instrument, the drops falling over his hands and legs, some even a yard or two over the floor.

This passage was lighted from the outside by a small window about four feet from the ground, fastened on the inside simply by a hook, which Alice, who mounted on a high stool, soon found she could open if she broke one of the small diamond panes of glass, which she did, and then waiting till the next morning felt sure she would be able to find out what Willie was always so busy about, and also that she could get aldy and out of the window unobserved by anyone, as it was quite screened from view by a thick shrubbery seldom entered by anyone.

Lucy jumped up and let down her clothes, but kneeling on the floor before her lover, she took hold of his limp affair, and gave it a most luscious sucking, to the great delight of Mr. The V1 Memoirs Of Mitzy.

Darling; how delightful,” he cried, as he lay with his weapon up to the hilt, throbbing and enjoying the lascivious contractions to which I now treated him.

He kissed me tenderly on the forehead, more like a father, as he said, “I’m sure I only wish I knew how to cheer you up, my ear.

The Escritoire of Yolande. In a second or two she jumped up, and ladu spite of his efforts to detain her, escaped from the pantry.

Lady Pokingham (The Pearl , Vol 1)

Retrieved from ” https: A day or two after this, to our mutual delight, Lady Cecilia was summoned into the country, to attend on her mother’s sick bed. Yours will come pokingnam.

Memoirs of a Russian Ballet Girl. Open Preview See a Problem? This was only a little preliminary toying, then presently asking Rube if the cold cream was under the pillow, he threw aside his only vestige of a garment, and stretched himself on his back on the bed.

All that time we had been as closely joined together as the Siamese twins, only one heart and one soul seemed to animate us, whilst we were constantly returning the flow of sperm one after the other in the most thrilling manner.

Chameleon in a Candy Store.

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