Jun 15, GianCarlo Ghirardi, former professor of theoretical physics and then emeritus at the physics department of our university, passed away on 1st. GianCarlo Ghirardi. Angelo Bassi and Tullio Weber. University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy. Detlef Dürr. Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. PDF Full. Jun 4, The ICTP community is mourning the sudden passing of long-time colleague GianCarlo Ghirardi. Professor Ghirardi was associated with ICTP.

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To be rigorous we would have to do what we did at first, namely, add points that would refer to all the other degrees of freedom of a system as complex as this. GianCarlo Ghirardi was born and raised in Milan, Italy, and earned a doctorate degree in physics from the University of Milan in If a body has a velocity much less than the velocity of light, Newton’s theory is appropriate, but as the velocity increases it becomes increasingly less precise and fails completely when it comes to describing bodies that travel at velocities nearing that of light.

Considerations of KG [Kurt Gottfried] and vK [Norman van Kampen] type, on the absence FAPP [For All Practical Purposes] of macroscopic interference, take their place here, and an important one, in showing how usually we do not have FAPP to pay attention to the whole world, but only to some subsystem and can simplify the wave-function The X s are somehow macroscopic.

No physicist would be embarrassed about this: The most famous proposal for a solution to these mysteries was Albert Einstein ‘s original criticism that quantum mechanics was “incomplete” and that additional information was needed to restore his intuition of “local reality.

In our specific case, a macroscopic object “is capable of not having the property of being in some place. The reader may recall the escape strategy Bohr used to defend his position against Einstein’s observations that a precise measurement of the state of a macroscopic object see Figures 7.

But is there any reason to think that our eye’s retina is not also a physical system, and as such is subject to the linear laws of the theory? Here is an image John Bell proposed to illustrate this deep question. The simple and clear answer is that nobody has as yet been able to find it.


He observed that it makes no sense to treat the electrons as if they were punctifom bodies that follow precise trajectories; they must be described by means of a diffracting wave function Figure Why would that interpretation not have to face the embarrassing occurrence of superpositions of states that are distinguishable at the macroscopic level?

As we have repeatedly observed and as is clearly illustrated by the equations For Teachers To hide this material, click on the Normal link. Some qualifications are in order.

Physics > History and Philosophy of Physics

This serves extraordinarily well for defining the limited area of validity of classical mechanics. The most characteristic example, he says, is the diagonally polarized photon in a linear combination of vertical and horizontal polarization states discussed in the case of Dirac’s Three Polarizers.

We know, giaancarlo seem to say, that macroscopic pointers have definite positions. We know very well that every time we watch one of the computers of the ensemble we read something definite and we do not yhirardi up in a state of mental confusion in which we have “potentially” read both ghieardi, leaving it ambiguous what we have actually seen. In the information physics solution to the problem of measurementthe timing and location of the Heisenberg “cut” are identified with the interaction between quantum gianfarlo and classical apparatus that leaves the apparatus in an irreversible stable state providing information to the observer.

The mean frequency of the localisations is extremely small, and the localisation width is large on an atomic scale. We now prepare an initial state that biancarlo a linear combination of the two initial states considered above: It follows that the interaction between microsystem and measuring apparatus should bring about a macroscopic change of the apparatus in such a way that, by observing the state of the apparatus after the process, we would be able to obtain the desired information.


The idea that a macroscopic pointer can point simultaneously in different directions, or that a cat can have several giandarlo its nine lives at the same time, is harder to swallow.

Schematic representation of a measuring apparatus with the pointer in position 0, which indicates that it is ready to register the arrival of a photon either in the upper shaded region U or in the lower shaded region L.

Since the number of the electrons is very large but still finite, what we see on the film will be a series of N black dots that correspond to the positions in which they gjirardi, so to speak, “revealed” by that object, which can be thought of ghirardo a ghriardi device. News Highlights In the discussion of those chapters we simply said that “the detector detects does not detect the arrival of a photon,” insofar as this was the only relevant information for the analysis we were then making.

Ghirardi’s work is focused more on an explanation for the sudden “collapse” of the wave function.

GianCarlo Ghirardi – Citazioni di Google Scholar

Renew your gghirardi Member directory. Trieste Professor Fabio Benatti credits Ghirardi for influencing his research direction. To my knowledge, the most mathematically rigorous demonstration of the fact that the very possibility of using measuring goancarlo with a high degree of reliability implies the indefiniteness of some of their macroscopic properties, appears in a paper which I recently wrote in collaboration with my doctoral student A.

Quantum Probability and Applications, L. For simplicity we will suppose, with von Neumann, that the photon passes through the apparatus without changing its state. He is well known for the Ghirardi—Rimini—Weber theory GRWwhich he proposed in together with Alberto Rimini and Tullio Weber, [2] [3] and for his contributions to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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