itwiki Encefalite letargica; nlwiki Encephalitis lethargica; plwiki Zapalenie mózgu von Economo; ptwiki Encefalite letárgica; ruwiki Летаргический энцефалит. Date, Source, von Economo C. Die Encephalitis lethargica (Mit zwölf lithographischen Tafeln). Franz Deuticke, ss. Leipzig-Wien. Translation for ‘encefalite letargica’ in the free Italian-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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Mit-und Nachkrankheiten im Allgemeinen.

The Prague pathologist Franz Lucksch — reported that was no evidence in Germany for even a single person-to-person transmission of EL Lucksch This approach, however, is rendered impractical by inherent difficulties in estimating case numbers of these diseases. Note Psichiat Pesaro ; EL might be reported early in its course by ,etargica informed physician, but more frequently following the later presentation of post-encephalitic sequelae, or even post mortem on letrgica basis of neuropathology.

Encephalitis lethargica

Medical journals of the late 19th century teemed with cases of influenza sufferers reportedly crippled physically or psychiatrically by the disorder. Prevalence of encephalitis epidemica in China. Bull Off int Hyg publ. Morphologische und serologische Blutuntersuchungen im akuten und chronischen Stadium der Encephalitis epidemica.

Grippe-Enzephalitis und Dncefalite lethargica.

The data for Seattle are stronger in this respect, but are nevertheless subject to a problem recognized by the authors: Observations on a green producing coccus from the brain in a case of encephalitis. Retrieved 27 December The substantia nigra is letargicca major target for neurovirulent influenza A virus.

Scientific lessons from the first influenza pandemic of the 20th century. Does the present volume solve the “riddle” of EL, which… has been referred to as the greatest medical mystery of the 20th century?


A causal association between the two disorders must therefore contingently imply that influenza between the World Wars was uniquely capable of eliciting EL in humans.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

The causes of encephalitis lethargica EL are uncertain. But as Hallp noted: Secretariat of the League of Nations; Geneva: In ten the result was totally negative, in five cases streptococci could be cultivated, which the bacteriological institute identified as small gram-positive diplostreptococci … In these same cases … streptococci could be demonstrated … in the subarachnoid fluid, the ventricle contents and … within vascular infiltrates and between the ependymal cells on the floorof the 4th ventricle.

An Austrian study of influenza encephalopathy found that even highly sensitive PCR techniques could ascertain its presence in CSF in only 1 of 18 cases Steininger et al He described three major forms of influenza — nervous, gastro-intestinal and catarrhal, according to their most prominent features — and noted that, in any particular epidemic year, one of these forms tended to dominanate to the relative exclusion of the others Althaus The French medical bacteriologist and leading EL investigator Arnold Netter — argued that if one were to nominate a disorder with which EL might be related it would be poliomyelitis rather than influenza in discussion to: Epidemic encephalitis nona J Am Med Assoc.

The relationship between encephalitis lethargica and influenza: Foerster O, Wilmanns K, editors. Particularly significant is that EL cases were reported in numbers before pandemic influenza cast its shade over Europe.


The role of influenza in the etiology of EL was vigorously debated until Some lethargic patients state that during the whole time that they were supposed letwrgica be asleep that they could hear everything that was going on around, but could not rouse themselves. But as fresh EL cases continued to be diagnosed despite the passing of the influenza pandemic, the unitarian position lost ground, and was revived only after EL itself appeared to have vanished. Given the difficulties associated with establishing what constituted authentic EL in Western countries, it would be speculative to interpret all fa-aniniva as genuine EL, particularly in the absence of neuropathological data.


J Psychol Neurol 46 1: Post links between influenza and EL symptoms Although isolated cases of parkinsonism enecfalite to influenza have been described since the s pandemic, and despite the fact that the influenza A virus exhibits a certain tropism for the substantia nigra in laboratory animals Mattock et al ; Takahashi ecefalite al ; Yamada letargiva al ; Casals et al ; Mihara et al ; Takahashi and YamadaEL-like symptoms have not been associated to any degree with influenza.

The difficulty is relative small if massive encephalitic symptoms are presented in the course of influenza or of an influenza-like disease. Acute infective ophthalmoplegia, or botulism. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Some studies have explored its origins in an autoimmune response, [4] and, separately or in relation to an immune response, links to pathologies of infectious disease — viral and bacterial, [4] e.

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