Jericho. By Ann McMan. Disclaimers: None. All of the characters are mine ( although two of them may bear uncanny physical resemblances to two others you . Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of , and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads. Goldenrod, a Jericho novel, will be published in February

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Welcome Back to Jericho—Goldenrod Coming in 2017

In between, she grilled Syd on her earlier, apparent association with the doctor. Opposite their chairs, there was a beautiful fireplace with a whimsical, Chagall watercolor hanging over it.

An open staircase ran along one wall and a set of double doors led into a huge country kitchen. My leaving with him without getting married totally freaked my mother out. Maddie gently took hold of Syd’s elbow as they ascended the wide steps.

Well the only thing related to me that Dr. Tom Greene is the ER chief there. Syd eagerly reached for the thermos. She looked relaxed and beautiful as she sat back in one of the wide-armed chairs with a hefty Charles Dickens novel open across her lap.


Finding the right person to share your life with, someone who will stand with you as you make those choices is a special and beautifu Nice to revisit the slow burn romance between Syd and Maddie, not mccman mention all the colourful locals inhabiting the little town of Jericho.

Return to Book Page. He’s been benched for a week. Hoping someone will choke on nan piece of gristle and need the Heimlich maneuver? Bedazzled Ink Publishing Availability: My name is Syd Murphy. Impulsively, she reached out and hugged the taller woman. The rest of the town was fairly quiet. I remember Maddie talking about needing to order a new PDR for the office. Preview — Jericho by Ann McMan. David feigned umbrage as he yanked his arm away.

Welcome Back to Jericho | Ann McMan

Maddie decided to reply honestly. Maddie kept a secure hand on Syd’s elbow. It’s fine most of the time and the characters are actually likeable, but there’s really not much to the book.

Syd stared in amazement as Mrs. There was a large, felled log near the bank and aann sat down on it to rest before starting back toward the fire station.

Smart, gorgeous, rich, perfect women living perfect lives, with lots of great wine, great cooking and great classical music ta Loved it! They were all saved from further mortification because Michael Robertson chose that moment to enter the mcmah and announce that dinner was ready to be served. There’s a big church bus from Elk Creek that just pulled in.


Jericho (Jericho , book 1) by Ann McMan

It took her about 10 minutes to make the drive, and as she approached the old Exxon station, she saw that she mcmaj alone in her desire to avoid the muck of the terrain around the fire house. The banter between Maddie and Syd is witty, playful, and intellectually flirtatious.

Unbelievably SLOW, needlessly long and mostly boring. The characters are unbelievably witty. Syd smiled and turned back to Phoebe. I just re-read Jericho twice in the last fortnight for a total of probably about 10 times and Aftermath.

Syd pried open the door to the spare tire well. The sun appeared to be on a collision course with the peaked roof of the building.

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