This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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After attending to natural calls, the twice-born does achamana sipping of water with tabtracleanses his teethand takes his early morning bath to the accompaniment of mantra. As the pouring of tntra at the root of a tree satisfies the wants of the leaves and branches, so mahsnirvana worshipping Him all the Deathless Ones are mananirvana If Truth goes Virtue goes also, therefore of all acts Truth should be the abiding support In pitha-nyasa the pitha are established in place of the matrika.

For who but Thee is their Protector in all the three worlds? Those fools who reject food and drink made holy by the great Mantra cause the fall of their ancestors into the lower regions, and they themselves go headlong into the Hell of blind darkness, where they remain until the Dissolution of things.

In its making all miserliness should be avoided, since it is fashioned for the pleasure of the Devas As seed sown on barren rocks does not germinate, so worship without these five elements is fruitless Thus the Mother in Her saguna form is the presiding deity adhishthatri Devata of the Gayatri-mantra. An Introductory and Comparative Study. The operation of the guna which produce these types affect, on the gross material plane, the tantta tendenciesmanifesting in the three chief physical functions — eating and drinking, whereby the annamayakosha mahanirvanx maintained; and sexual intercourse, by which it is reproduced.

Before the Beginning of things Thou didst exist in the form of a Darkness which is beyond both speech and mind, and of Thee by the creative desire of the Supreme Brahman was the entire Universe born This Vidya of the Supreme Devi contains in itself all Mantras I will now pass to the principal Yantra which grants the aims of all human existence Parama-Shiva is in the form of the Great Ether paramakasha-rupithe Supreme Spirit paramatmathe Sun of the darkness of ignorance.


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Mahanirvana Tantra

The cover of this work shows a silver Gayatri yantra belonging to the mahanorvana. Then let the Vira place in the lotus mahannirvana the heart, the Adhara-shakti, the tortoise, Shesha serpent, Prithivi, the ocean of ambrosia, the Gem Island, the Parijata tree, the chamber of gems which fulfil all desires, the jewelled altar, and the lotus seat Yoga is variously named according to the methods employed, but the two main divisions are those of the hathayoga or ghatasthayoga and samadhi yoga mahanirvama, of which raja-yoga is one of the forms.

The Mantra of the former is: Their children are bastards, and disqualified for all religious, ancestral, and Kaulika observances and rites By the sadhana of this Mantra, O Great Devi! Having seated himself and shaken tanra drowsiness, let him meditate upon the image of his Guru: The wise man should read and explain it to such of his kinsmen as believe in Brahman To the Mother is thus offered the restless life of Her universe.

In neti the nostrils are cleansed with a piece of string.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chapter Index

The mind is concentrated to its purposes, and the vow or resolution niyama is taken. In the space between the two circumferences of the circles draw in pairs the sixteen filaments, and outside these the eight petals of the lotus, and outside them the Bhu-pura, which should be made tantrx straight lines with four tnatra, and be of pleasing appearance Having similarly performed Rishi- nyasa, Kara-nyasa and Ang-ga-nyasa should be performed I bow to Thee Para-Shivain the form tanrta hangsa hangsa-rupa is also there with his Shakti — Siddha-Kali.

This is the Ishta-devata of all. The process is accompanied by inhalation and the union of prana and apana whilst in siddhasana. There is both in preparation and performance sangyamasuch as sexual continence, eating of particular foodsuch as havishyannafastingbathing. After worshipping in the manner of which I have spoken, the wise man should with his friends and kinsmen partake of the holy mahankrvana consecrated to mahanirrvana Supreme Spirit. There is none other but Him to meditate upon, to pray to, to worship for the attainment of liberation They are, according to their physicalmentaland moral qualities, divided into four classes — mridumadhyaadhimatraka, and the highest adhimatramawho is qualified adhikari for all forms of yoga.

He should then wash the Adhara, and place it on the Mandala, and worship the region of Fire with the.


After rinsing his mouth in the manner described, he should, O Blessed One! Benefactress of the universe, well has it been asked by Thee. Kings then were faithful to their engagements and were ever concerned with the protection of their people, upon whose wives they were wont to look as if upon their mothers, and whose children they regarded as their very own A note, however, in the first Chalakshara Sutrato the Lalita would, however, show mahaniirvana even the shudra are not debarred the use even of the Pranavaas is generally asserted.

Hindu Way of Life. As Lord of Maya She is Mahamaya.

Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation)

When Makara mseated on the Hangsa in the form of Akara aunites with rakara rthen the Brahmajnanawhich is the source of supreme Blissis gained by the sadhakawho is then called atmaramafor his enjoyment is in the Atma. Jiva in turiya is merged in the great causal body maha-karana.

He is Ever-full and Self-manifest. After this, worship the region of Sun in the vessel of offering with the following: Sign In mahanirvxna earn Badges. The sadhakatherefore, first sets mentally antar-matrika-nyasa in their several places in the six chakraand then externally by physical action Vahy-amatrika-nyasa the letters of the alphabet which form the different parts of the body of the Devatawhich is thus built up in the sadhaka himself.

The neck should be four fingers breadth, the mouth six fingers, and the bottom five fingers breadth. In each of the petals of the lotus are placed all the letters of the alphabet ; and whatever there is in ,ahanirvana lower chakra or in the universe brahmanda exist here in potential state avyakta-bhava.

I am now speaking of the consecration of the Vishesh-arghya, by the mere placing whereof the Devata is exceedingly pleased. The Devi is Herself Guru of all Shastras and woman, as, indeed, all females who are Her embodiments are, in a peculiar senseHer earthly representatives. Kumbhaka is done with the vija vang 64 times. Then the five or nine gems are placed on the kalasawhich is painted with red and covered with leaves.

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