Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to wide- ranging primer, Lionel Bailly demonstrates how Lacan’s ideas are. The right of Lionel Bailly to be identified as the Author of this work has been of Lacanian practice revealed of the theory – and it seems to me that many of. Lionel Bailly, MRCPsych, a Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , He is in charge of teaching the ‘Lacan’ units in the MSc in Theoretical.

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More importantly, I’m grateful for Bailly’s style of building upon each piece of Lacan’s theory in sequence.

Mari Ruti Narrated by: At any rate, I appreciate the historical context and the effort to illuminate the dense writing of Lacan. Jesse Wattenbarger rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Also included is an explanation of jouissance.

Lists with This Book. Really can’t imagine a better This is maybe the best introductory guide I’ve ever read on any subject, particularly given the fact Lacan’s thinking is a lot harder to explain than a lot of things.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly

It is best read slowly, turning back to reread things that were unclear or not initially comprehended. This is maybe the best introductory guide I’ve ever read on any subject, particularly given the fact Lacan’s thinking is a lot harder to explain than a lot of things. When a child learns to relate not only to the Phallus but also to the Name-of-the-Father, it is already using signifiers.


Thus, a number of problems are solved. Tom Hanley rated it really liked it Aug 23, I was exposed to the very basic tenets of Lacanian philosophy in grad school, and when I tried to learn more, I found myself faced with the daunting task of unraveling the various threads Lacan weaves together, and it left me very confused. Lacan’s concepts are not easy to grasp. Completely inspired to look further into Lacan.

The only engagement I’ve had with Lacan has been via Zizek, Laclau, Butler and Badiou- all of whom did a good job of convincing me that there may be nothing to his work, but maybe lionfl created something interesting out of the mess, like a great remix of a bad song. Jun 07, Jonathan Widell rated it it was amazing.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Appliedjung

Drive, at least by implication, does not use signifiers because a drive is not a need. Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father. Feb 26, Richard Wu rated it it was amazing. However, I wonder if I found this book clear and concise because I’ve already read Lacan.

Dell Original publication date: A brief introduction to the work of a psychoanalyst. Jan 20, Wilde Sky rated it it was ok. I read this again in August This is a beautiful purchase for anyone looking for an entry point into Lacan.

Really can’t imagine a better introduction to Lacanian theory and I’m curious to check out other books in this Beginner’s Guide series to see if the quality of its other books is consistent. Instead, drive can give rise to jouissance, enjoyment of a faculty just because it feels good.

What is my place in it? I have about ten of these Oneworld beginner’ The older I get the bailly important I believe it is to have a functioning understanding of psychology to cross-fertilize with other interest.


Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Google Books

This audio is perfect for those without formal training in psychoanalysis, but who wish to get a sense bqilly Lacan’s complex and brilliant work. A very helpful book.

A Very Short Introduction By: Sep 09, Benjamin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Often misunderstood, Lacan remains one of the more difficult theorists for people to understand.

He moves to the Imaginary, Symbolic and the Real and the Borromean knot pretty fast, although the Borromean knot was a late development in Lacan’s topology. This gap between seeing in the mirror and the actual internal feelings and experiences splits the ego, resulting in individuals spending the rest of their lives attempting to close or cover up the gap between the ideal image and the experienced self.

SolitarySocialist rated it it was amazing Sep 21, There is much other material in this short book, including a final chapter on counseling as opposed to psychoanalysis in the 21st cen. Bailly builds his presentation on a very helpful explanation of the relationship between the Phallus and the Name-o No matter how long you have been studying Lacan, you say to yourself many times while reading Bailly’s book:

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