Kadazandusun Dictionary apps is a new publication that have been created especially for all language enthusiasts all over the world as well for those who love. The first Kadazan Dictionary, “Kadazan-English and English-Kadazan Dictionary” dictionary” () published by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia: Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Content language: Multiple languages. English. Austronesian languages. Linguistic type.

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It dictuonary out of print. I am sure our discussion on the subject in question was not intended to slander. I left Sabah to further my Studies in and have been fortunate to have Sabah without the racial clashes which the Kadazan and Dusun have been having as mentioned by some of the bloggers in this blog.

Annonymous wrote on February 2, If the writer Annon is a Kadazan or Dusun, does he want his kadazaneusun to be excluded in the Dictionary and to be identified as ‘Kadazandusun’ when it is not a race? I agree with what Regi Puvok has said in his posting on February 5, 1: Like the others, I agree that if you are happy to be Kadazans, Dusuns, Kadazandusuns, and others so be it. If Kadazandusun is to be their identity, why the hell are they still not united?

Reply to Annon posted February 4, 8: Dusun kids pun x minat, same reason. I’m bewildered with this fusion of name; isn’t it enough if one chose to be known as one prefers? They talk about preserving our mother tongue.

However, for the language to survive, every Kadazan family must strongly believe in the important of literacy in the Kadazan Language in preserving Kadazan identity. Anonymous February 3, at He and his colonial mates would be the only one who knows what the grand plan was but his apology and admission is gentleman enough. SJDisimon February 7, at The “classification” is purely political which was probably coined by a third party inorder to “divide and rule” the tribes.


My proposal to correct the anomaly was met with objection from two Kadazan people.

English Kadazan Dusun Dictionary online

There is also no problem among Kadazan using the term Dusun. It should be either Kadazan or Dusun.

To the commenter dated February 3, Anonymous June 3, at 3: As it is today, the language they are teaching in school is already confusing to school children. What is a ‘race’ anyway? Anonymous February 2, jadazandusun For example, Kadazan words are either explained in the Kadazan language or in Kadazan and other languages such as English, Malay, French and or any other language.

I respect your proposal but, as I said, there will be kadzaandusun end to it.

English-Kadazan Dusun Dictionary, Glosbe

Seperti kaadzandusun dengan penerbit lain, kami akan mengusahakan Edisi Semakan bagi buku-buku terbitan kami dengan mengambil kira komen-komen yang kami terima daripada pembaca dan pengguna buku terbitan kami.

The erosion of our culture today is so great that within 60 years it really makes no sense to call ourselves as either kadazan, dusun or even kadazandusun.

My point here is people should be given the liberty to identify themselves as Kadazans or Dusuns or this new term Kadazan-Dusun because what I concerned about is even within KDCA and KSS there are other dictionagy and formal groupings under the shadows of certain personalities.

Ok, let us propose this for the supporters of the Kadazandusuns – who obviously are at the behest of their political friends and masters and some just in it because they it is right – my proposal is: Once again, I thank you for your clarification. divtionary

Linundus Kinabalu: Beginner’s Kadazandusun Dictionary

I really have not heard of it. My reply to him … It is up to the parents to register their children as Kadazan or Dusun, as a matter of preference. In this globalised world of the 2lst Century, we have to move forward lest we remain domant.


No report of racial clashes between the Kadazans and Dusuns and others can be found at least. Yes they use to have their fights but it was more territorial and misunderstanding rather.

I think that is where we like our people to be portrayed. I think its’s time for us to move on. I cant even comprehend year 3 punya level. These two people should come out now to explain their objections to my proposal, failing which I will disclose their names since people are now asking who these people are. What dictionqry if kadazandusin were Dusuns, who cannot let go of the fact that they are and in fact probably have achieved more than the Kadazans.

I wish to remain as a “Kadazan”. It can be represented in printed or digital form. On the same token the tag line for Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese, etc, is Chinese dictionart not as an ethnic race. Our situation now is just like the “Boiled-frog syndrome”. But if you said it’s rubbish then there will never be a final answer to this.

OLAC Language Resource Catalog

SJDisimon February 9, at 3: Our greviances are genuine and are we happy about it by simply sweping these greviances under the carpet. If, in the future, you forget the words, you would have already recorded them. SJDisimon February 1, at We can check with JPN and confirm that no such race exists. Probably yes and please dont brand me or others pro Kadazadusun as ‘ panghianat’Whatever differences arising from our opinion should be a source of strength and resilience in achieving a dominant and a race to be reckoned with.

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