Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India is a biography Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joseph Lelyveld and published by Alfred A Knopf. Great Soul has ratings and 85 reviews. Reading Joseph Lelyveld’s sensitive and informative biography of the life of Mahatma Gandhi is enriching in many. 1 quote from Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India: ‘I should like to slip out of the public gaze to bury myself in the farm and devot.

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It is because of Gandhi that Ambedkar gets the law ministry and abolishes untouchability once and for all by law.

No humility, no tenderness. Lala Lajpat Rai would say – “Our defeat is in proportion to the greatness of our leader” One can go on and on about Gandhi, but this is not a review of his life, it is a review of the book. This is a masterfully comprehensive and somewhat flawed work that is a worthy read, especially for those seeking to learn about the life of the Mahatma in great detail. My comparison is meant to get at tone, which is maybe the most important thing in the Lelyveld. Views Read Edit View history.

Most of us know of Gandhi the crusader, this book enlightened the reader on Gandhi the man and he was not without his ideosyncracies sp? Jan 21, Tamara Eaker rated it liked it. He preached the liberation of the outcaste within the caste systemand no one followed him – especially not the outcaste, who viewed him as an enemy.

Great Soul Quotes

Comprehensively researched and confidently written, Lelyveld’s exploration of Gandhi’s politically formative years in South Africa, and the international profile he later secured in India, demonstrates laudable if not unflinching critical distance from his subject. Jul 30, Cynthia Karl rated it really liked it.

I find Gandhi an interesting person though I do not agree wi Fact is humans are not perfect in this realistic world and that goes for Gandhi. Generally I was fascinated by the reality of a man whose influence was both national and international but often far less locally felt. Also describes some of the acts and ideas espoused by Gandhi that were just plain bizarre Gandhi’s treatment of his own family, highly unusual views on celbacy, and strange fascination with human excrement.

Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India – Wikipedia

Front cover of the first American edition. This is slavery with a vengeance” to support his conclusion that Gandhi was a “sexual weirdo” along with being “a political incompetent and a fanatical faddist”. Sometimes it was hard to follow the chronology of events as the author would bounce from the current topic to the past or make a reference to the future, or take rabbit trails with lots of detail on secondary characters in Gandhi’s life.

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See all books by Joseph Lelyveld. But his fights against the caste system and against Hindu-Muslim violence as well as for Indian independence make for an inspiring life, no less so because Lelyveld includes the man’s inconsistencies and peculiarities.

Also by Joseph Lelyveld. He first things of representation within empire, and serves as a medicine stretcher in the Boer War — by historical irony, one of the few circumstances where him and Churchill are on the same side.

The author shows Gandhi as a political operator. That said, one place where Lelyveld, to my eyes, suffers most seriously by comparison to Marable is in his undertheorized handling of the relation between politics and religion. I don’t recall ever learning about Ghandi in school; I do recall Dr. I kept alternately reading and listening to the book, hoping there would be some kind of messag This book was a chore to complete.

The book takes pain to detail why Gandhi is fascinating, irritating, infuriating, adamant, ridiculous and fearless. I have not read any other books of Joseph Lelyeld and this is going to be my last book by this author.

Indian state bans Gandhi book after reviews hint at gay relationship

I heard about the controversy surrounding Great Soul before I ever noseph a copy in my hands. He held tight to his view that the spiritual and the political were absolutely linked. He used his profession to fund his political ideals and ambitions, and reinvented the way he lived with his followers and co-workers. May 14, Carol rated it liked it. Lelyveld has been criticized for his “all too human” portrait of Gandhi but I find it refreshing. He ojseph the connections Gandhi drew between the national life josfph that of prayer and celibacy, but at just those moments of connection he finds Gandhi most opaque.

An excellent all encompassing look about Ghandi – not exactly a biography but an in depth analysis of his actions and beliefs. The book has not yet been released in India.

Indian state bans Gandhi book after reviews hint at gay relationship | World news | The Guardian

My summary for a book grrat pointing out every mistake, inconsistency, and failure of a man whose positive message still lives on today, would be that if a man so “flawed” as Gandhi could bring so much inspiration to the world by example, then any one of us can do the same – you don’t have to be born a saint.


Gandhi felt his political power really came from his celibacy, from his josfph power. It was another way of insisting that their motives were pure and disinterested, that they rose up not for themselves but for a future in which they might or might not have a share. Jun 30, Kushal Srivastava rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t suspect that most of us would be willing to hold ourselves to such virtually joseeph standards – even Gandhi often couldn’t meet his own lofty ideals – but we can draw inspiration and strength from his indefatigability.

The author gets 2 stars for bringing me to that conclusion on my own. To ask other readers questions about Great Soulplease sign up. This book deserves a 5-star rating because of its content. He held both the Hindus and the Muslims to better behavior. Lelyvled learned a tremendous amount; I found the 20 years Ghandi spent in South Greay to be the most interesting. Mar 18, Zahir rated it liked it. However, his inner conflicts between his political and his spiritual roles are explored at length.

Unfortunately, we see the limits of satyagraha, with the composition of his letter to Hitler, simply asking him politely to let the Jews go. I’m giving it 4 stars simply because it was not a compelling read. Another siul contribution of the book is the systematic uncovering of the link between Gandhi’s evolution in sooul private life and his ability to make a dent in public life. How a man who gave so much of himself to the welfare of society could be condemned for an intimate relationship with another man is a conundrum.

This was an interesting read.

I was looking to read about ghandi’s last 20 or so years after reading his autobiography. A must read to know Gandhi – the man!

He said Gandhi often filled his letters, including those to female associates, with strong love language, but that did not lead to physical intimacy. Truly a remarkable individual, but also largely a failure in his stated causes. I had such a suspicion, but never could pinpoint the fact.

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