Falling Awake [Jayne Ann Krentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Isabel Wright, a Belvedere Center for Sleep Research analyst and Level Five lucid dreamer, meets the man of her dreams in bestseller Krentz’s. This is a Jayne Ann Krentz novel. So, back to the plot: Isabel fills Cutler in on the dark doings that have shadowed Belvedere research.

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Client 1, Jack Lawson, called Client 2, Ellis Cutler, and asked him to find Isabel once he discovered that she had been fired from the Belvedere Center.

Ellis, an independent contractor, depends on the help with analyzing his dreams, so when it gets shut down theyll have to solve it, asap. Give as a gift. And she has fallen for the “Dream Man” who calls her for help. May 02, Gina rated it liked it. The dead woman had a red-hot secret about an up-and-coming leading man, a scoop that Irene couldn’t resist.

This goes much deeper. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Okay Not the best for sure. This is my all-time favorite Krentz book. Dave strongly suspected that Ellis had killed Katherine but they talked to him and told him the story of how she died. One case they had worked three months previous had left Jack faloing that Vincent Scargill was dead.

His name was Vincent Scargill.

Detailed Review Summary of Falling Awake by Jayne Ann Krentz

While some of them hold up pretty well, this isn’t one of those. The events happened across the country so the similarities in the crimes weren’t immediately noticeable. My main issue with the book was the mechanics aann the lucid dreaming theory was not properly explained although it is extensively referenced in plot. There was a problem adding awakw email address. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.


That was why she had to die.

When Isabel’s boss, Martin Belvedere, is found dead in awske study, his son, Randolph, who was always scornful of his father’s belief in dreamers capable of uncovering secrets, takes over the business.

I loved the plot, I liked the characters. There was a lot of oh brother kind of stuff from the dark This book was cheesy, simple and almost a waste of time to read. Ellis picked up Isabel and arrived to the scene of an accident.

He asked her if she would be willing to purchase the information from him. His director orders Ellis to do whatever it takes to bring Isabel into the operation. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Ellis attended the funeral dalling Katherine Ralston and truly felt like it was the work of Vincent.

When the promotion she expected turns into search for a new employment, shes disappointed. Zoe Luce is a successful interior designer in the Arizona town of Whispering Springs who’s developed an unusual career specialty – helping recently divorced clients redesign their homes, to help them forget about the past and start anew.

Falling Awake Book Summary and Study Guide

Isabel trains to be a motivational speaker while falling into the arms of fellow lucid dreamer Ellis Cutler aka “Dream Man”whose dreams she had been decoding and who has likewise been dreaming of her he thinks of her as “Tango Dancer”. A red-hot, suspenseful novel about a free-spirited dream researcher – and the gorgeous man who brings her dreams to life. It lacked the flair Krentz has since developed.


As the director of the Leabrook Glass Museum, she’s been asked to travel to Frog Cove Island – an artistic haven near Seattle – to catalog an important collection of art glass belonging to the late Adams Daventry. A decade of working for the high-powered Gilchrist family empire has made sassy Katy Wade determined to open her own business.

Falling Awake

Ellis and Isabel were married a couple months later. He was treated for a head wound and jayns the hospital without being released. The connection is instantious between Isabel and Ellis as if they really had been communicating before the reader picks up the book.

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Isabel called Ellis to come pick her up to meet him. A fun vacation read.

She needed money to pay her bills. Great book, love her style of writing. PNR Romance, action, suspense and smutty fluff in a great combo.

And he has just been ordered by his boss to make contact with Isabel, who’s been fired after the sudden death of her boss, Dr. More formula fiction from the bestselling Krentz Truth or Dare, etcthis featuring an undercover op in sexy sunglasses and a beautiful dreamer with a bad-tempered cat. I thought the mystery was solved all to easily and just dorky. Ellis contacted Jajne and told him that Belvedere had a third client.

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