The doorkeepers of Vaikuntha are the twins, Jaya and Vijaya, both whose 7 reasons to buy Jaya: Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata by. Get Free Read Online Ebook PDF jaya an illustrated retelling of the illustrated retelling of the mahabharata devdutt pattanaik PDF file for free from our online. Book Review- Jaya: An illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata. Shafin Shabir But it would be incorrect to say that they were completely free. Women in this.

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Book Review- Jaya: An illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata | Shafin Shabir –

Item s unavailable for purchase. Still, all this being said, retellin is not a bad way to get introduced to the Mahabharata. I hardly ever write a review I’m too lazy; rating the book is as far as I go because all it takes is a click but in this case I felt like making an exception. High above the sky stands Swarga, paradise, abode of the gods. Solve this puzzle and you will solve the mystery of the Mahabharata.

Though it was written close to years back, the amazing fact is that we still face the same issues, ask the same questions even now. You submitted the following rating and review.

All these are reasons why this should not be the only book you ever read about the Mahabharat. Not being a scholar of either Indic literature or the Mahabharata, I will say no more on that topic, so on to Jaya. There should be translations of the Mahabharata in English and several such have emerged, including those in non-print form.

To his credit, these variants are almost always noted to be variants, but usually this fact is mentioned AFTER the episode has been presented as the next step in the story, which can leave the casual reader with a misleading picture of what the epic represents to most Hindus.


Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik

Also, this book is literally ‘illustrated’ with his line drawings which are simple yet evocative. A few interesting folk tale traditions and the author’s take on what the driving philosophy is makes the book a worthwhile read but it all smacks a bit strongly of buddhism.

Second, this is not quite an abridged retelling of the Mahabharata. As I was wandering in the airport bookstore, I came across this book, read the mxhabharata cover and was hooked.

This is not spiritual or philosophical book, its about way of life. But he completely avoids mentioning the cruelty of the Pandavas in burning down the Khandavaprastha jayx to build the city ot Indraprastha, killing all the animals, reptiles, trees and insects wantonly. One of our first associations with the Mahabharata probably dates back to B.

Richly illustrated with over line drawings by the author, the chapters abound with little-known details such as the names of the hundred Kauravas, the worship of Draupadi as a goddess in Tamil Nadu, the stories of Astika, Madhavi, Jaimini, Ilulstrated and Barbareek, the Mahabharata version of the Shakuntalam and the Ramayana, and the dating of the war based on astronomical data. I read this in preparation for reading the actual Mahabharata that is, a lot of it, in the translation by Carole Satyamurti.

The Book of Ram.

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Each question is answered with another riddle. What is the High above the sky stands Swarga, paradise, abode of the gods. As a story, it is better written than Jaya, though Jaya has more information packed into it. This gives Mahabharata a larger world view.


The story is too well known to be recounted here. How we rejoiced reading about the epics in the illustrated comic book version of the Amar Chitra Katha. Review A Bookworm’s Musing: Thanks to Frew Devdutt Pattanaik who made it so real with his simple language, deep illustraed, unknown facts and beautiful illustration!!

Books by Devdutt Pattanaik. The characters here are much more complicated, their choices and decisions more influenced by instincts than values, therefore the lessons to be learnt from this book aren’t as easy to grasp either.

Its a lot more.

Else, an retellng year old reading it all by herself may find it heavy read, may lose interest or may not be able to understand the deeper, philosophical message contained in the book.

This kind of casual mistake makes one suspect that other casual comments about the origins of particular words may also be incorrect or at least, may not reflect what most other scholars believe.

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata

Click here to sign up. Jaya later becomes Mahabharatha as illusttated plots and sub plots enter the storytelling through the years.

The story is complex and multi-layered, the characters are memorable and many-sided and every episode is open to multiple interpretations.

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