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Emphasize the benefits — We use this technique for our newsletters.

Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails, as it’s one of the easiest ways to attract tutoriao traffic to your website. Once an email address has soft bounced 5 times, it is treated as a bounced email which means it will not be emailed any more.

When this happens, the email is ‘bounced’ back to you or the address you nominate as the bounce email address. This can be for many different reasons such as the email address is invalid, their inbox is full, their mail server is down and many more.

Use a template if you plan on sending newsletters consistently. Numerous research papers tell us that the majority of Internet interapire respond better to a plain, bold, blue text tutoria, as opposed to a banner or button. For every email you send you’ve got room for about 50 characters in your subject line so use them wisely to improve your open rates. If a bounce email is not recognized then the application will ignore the bounced email.

Most spam filters don’t appreciate a multitude of font tags and inline formatting, and the more primitive filters can’t detect stylesheets interspiee they will not penalize as easily. Always make your contact lists double opt-in.

General Tutorials

President – Company XYZ. Keep your email as clean as possible, and try turorial stick to a maximum of 2 or 3 different font types and sizes. This means that when a user subscribes to your contact list, they will be sent an email with a link that they must click on to confirm their subscription.

So, if you’re going to include links in your emails, make sure they are bold, blue and underlined. To make sure they don’t simply type any email address into your subscription form, setup an autoresponder to send them the free bonus 1 hour after tutoeial subscribe.

In particular, they mostly use spam assassin — a popular piece of spam filtering software.


Special headers are used when email campaigns and autoresponders are sent out to identify where an email address comes from so it can be processed correctly. Just like a direct sales letter, the subject line of your email is usually the most important part of getting your readers to actually read your email. This comes in the form of a simple message that lets you know what email address bounced and the reason why it happened.

Visit our website at http: Exclaim nothing — Avoid using excessive punctuation at the end of your subject lines. Later in this article I will show you a technique that I use to help me detect words that could trigger spam filters that I may have missed. The first method of testing I use is to send the tuorial to multiple email accounts with existing spam filters.

If you had created a Custom Field that was a check interspiire that the contact could then save their iinterspire sports, you could then use the resulting data to filter your lists to show all contacts that like Soccer AND Cricket, or you could find all contacts that DO NOT like Soccer OR Cricket. Personalize the subject line — If you have tutoial about your contacts then you can use them in your subject line to get their attention.

For example, every Wednesday at 3pm. However, if you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, then create or source a product of value to your visitors such as an eBook or discount coupon and offer it to them for free when they signup for to receive your newsletter.

If you want to grow your mailing list, then there’s 2 things that you absolutely must have: I also have a couple of email accounts with different web hosts that have spam filters in place. Create a template for your newsletter and tutorrial you need to create a new issue, use that template as the basis for each issue.

After sending about 3 different emails, compare the click-thru stats and see which one worked best. For example, if you send a newsletter once per month I personally don’t recommend you send out any more than this, unless you’ve got something really interesting to saythen aim to send it out at the same time, on the same day each month.


Interspire Tutorials Archives – Affex Pro

Pay attention to your formatting. Try and use a short and simple stylesheet rather than using font tags excessively. Below are some tips to help improve your subject lines:. Whilst not directly affecting spam filters, this will enable your readers to distinguish your newsletter instantly, thus not reporting it as spam accidentally. When sending your email campaigns or autoresponders, you have the option of entering in a bounce email address. This is where you can search for contact by their activity status.

A hard bounce is processed as a bounced email right away. This is very important because many people can accidentally enter an incorrect email address, or even the email address of someone else on purpose.

What is Bounce Processing and why should I do it?

Avoiding spam filters when sending out legitimate newsletters can be a time consuming effort. This means you can search for all contacts, only active ones, only bounced ones or only unsubscribed email addresses.

To do this you can make use of the filtering intersipre that you are presented with when viewing contacts, sending email campaigns and setting up your autoresponders. If you’re running a newsletter or frequent email publication, make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue.

On Mondays, everyone is still intetspire from a hectic weekend. Overly large sized fonts will surely add to an email being flagged as spam, as will too many images or not enough text. The application will read each bounced email and, using a set of rules built into the application, will determine whether or not it’s a soft bounce, a hard bounce or a non-recognized bounce.

Filtering tutodial the basics. John Smith john acme.

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