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IEC Equipment Reliability Testing – Part 4: Statistical Procedures for Exponential Distribution – Point Estimates, Confidence Intervals, Prediction. Buy IEC EQUIPMENT RELIABILITY TESTING – PART 4: STATISTICAL PROCEDURES FOR EXPONENTIAL DISTRIBUTION – POINT ESTIMATES. Buy IEC Ed. Equipment reliability testing Part 4: Statistical procedures for exponential distribution – Point estimates, confidence intervals, prediction.

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This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

Examples, guidelines, and principles for the exchange and merging of such RM data are addressed. Describes procedures to estimate the parameters of the power law model along with confidence intervals for failure intensity, and prediction intervals for the time to future failures along iiec a test of goodness of fit to data from repaired items.

Describes numerical methods for performing a Weibull goodness of fit test for two-parameter Weibull distribution using maximum likelihood methods. This standard is applicable whenever data on strength parameters, e. Describes dependability elements and tasks for systems ice products containing software.


Part 1- Section One, Two and Three. Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. Describes guidelines for planning and performing reliability tests and the use of statistical methods to discover weaknesses in the design that could be corrected to improve performance, quality, safety, robustness, reliability, availability, and reduce costs. Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser 6060. Application guide-Integrated logistic support. Deals with dependability performance issues including availability performance, reliability performance, maintainability performance, and maintenance support performance.

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

Guidelines for dependability management. Describes test cycles not intended to replace tests for other purposes. This standard provides guidance for the collection and presentation of data relating to the reliability of electronic components and their reliability characteristics.

Guide to the specification of dependability requirements.

BS IEC 60605-4:2001

Describes maintainability requirements and related design and use parameter, and discusses some activities necessary to achieve the required maintainability characteristics and their relationship to planning of maintenance. Describes plans and procedures for inspection by attributes. Already Subscribed to this document.

A wide variety of subjects are available 6005 IEC International Electrical Congress TC subcommittee for publications Technical Committee 56 is responsible for dependability issues driven by a strategic policy statement. Preferred test conditions — Section 3: Application guide- Section 2: Add to Alert PDF.


“Reliabilty and dependability standards are described.”

Also refer to following documents for data collection: A PDF download file tersely summarizes the standards. Application guide- Section 9: Part 4- Section 8: This standard is intended for general application by both customers users and suppliers of products.

Statistical procedures for exponential distribution. Your basket is empty. Application guide- Section 6: In addition the algorithms for designing test plans using a spreadsheet program are irc given, together with guidance on how to choose test plans. The following main categories of data are to be collected: Outdoor transportable equipment — Low degree of simulation.

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Click to learn more. This standard is not included in any packages. They are an efficient method for avoiding the not invented here NIH syndrome. This project for the process industry pertains to data collection and analysis.

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