Lindheimer Globeberry, Balsamapple, Snake-Apple. Ibervillea lindheimeri (Gray) Greene. Whole plant. Family: Cucurbitaceae. Longevity: Perennial. Origin. leaf–is this leaf simple or compound? what kind of venation is present? leaf, tendrils (what habit must this plant be?), and fruit. Ibervillea lindheimeri (A. Gray) Greene Show All Show Tabs Lindheimer’s globeberry. Image of Ibervillea lindheimeri. General Information. Symbol: IBLI. Group.

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Spring to late summer April—September.

Plant Database

A Field Guide Loughmiller, C. Gray Greene Erythea 3: The seedlings’ caudex forms below ground and will grow much faster if left underground for some years. Margins with widely spaced, whitish papillae. It is hardy to -7 degrees Celsius if kept dry.

It is a plant for people who don’t want a lot of work taking care of their plants, as it seems to thrive on neglect. Green stripes when young, but bright red when ripe. It is hardy to -7 degrees Celsius if kept dry.

Fertilize them only once during this period. The caudex swollen tuberous roots is thick nearly globose or somewhat flattened up to 35 cm in diameter in older plants. Back to Succulents Encyclopedia index.

You don’t have to worry about it getting out of hand, because it dies to the ground in the winter. Bugs, mealy ibervi,lea and mites usually are not a problem with the Ibervilleahowever if they do appear, simply spray the houseplant down with a soapy water mix twice a day until they are gone. Growing Conditions Water Use: However warmth throughout lindbeimeri year will increase the grower’s success at temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees centigrade during rest season.


Pulp yellowish filled with plump seeds.

Grows in a rich, very well drained, preferably lindheimer and drained soil mix. Grows in a rich, very well drained, preferably stony and drained soil mix. Is balsam gourd Ibervillea lindheimeri poisonous or edible?

Nectar-insects, Fruit-birds Conspicuous Flowers: It grows on, using its tendrils to climb over rocks and various woody shrubs and fences, especially allthorn Koeberlinia spinosa. Remove the spent branches. Indoors they are often grown in shallow pots, with a tuft of wining stems emerging from a bulbous stem that seems to erupt from the soil. Plants even five to ten years old are extremely nice.

Injured caudexs release the odour of horseradish. Watering can recommence once the plant has shown signs of producing a fresh shoot. Light tolerance makes balsam-gourd a versatile plant for shade gardens. Gardening for Wildlife Damude, N. Male flowers mostly in racemose clusters. It doesn’t like a wet winter when the tuber is dormant after shedding its leaves lindheimrri, but will survive. If not, what is stopping us from eating them?


Ibervillea lindheimeri

We are, of course, seeking photos of species not yet shown in the gallery but not only that, we are also looking for better pictures than those already present. Lindheimer is credited with the discovery of several hundred plant species. Fertilize them only once during this period. Male flowers staminate yellow in racemes, tubular, to 8 mm long, hypanthium long and narrowly cylindric. Wiry, slightly angled, glabrous, dark green herbaceous, annual, that die to the ground in the winter, sprawling on the ground or climbing onto various supports by means of unbranched tendrils.

Back to Succulents Encyclopedia index.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

He spent from collecting specimens in Texas. The plants are very slow growing, so don’t expect great growth spurts from year to year. When it drops its leaves protect from frost and stop watering. The fruit becomes red as it ripens. Back to Cucurbitaceae index.

The leaves and small yellow flowers of the balsam-gourd vine are attractive, but the ornamental value of this plant lies in its inch, bright ilndheimeri, globular fruit.

Johnst Ibervillea tenuisecta A.

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