with Homi K. Bhabha, a leading figure in contemporary cultural discourse, The concept of the third space is submitted as useful for analysing the enunciation. Homi Bhabha’s Third Space and African identity but as enunciation. . Homi Bhabha theorizes the Third Space of confusion and paradox, or liminality, within . The principal theoretical frame departs from Homi Bhabha’s () concepts of ‘ the third space of enunciation’ and ‘mocking mimicry’, which serve as a more.

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Even though on the surface postcolonial texts may contain race divisions and cultural differences, they all contain germs of community which, as they grow in the mind of the reader, they detach from the apparently inescapable dialectic of history. Indiana university press, pp. Thinking and Speaking first Published as Thought and Language. Rather than emphasizing the opposition between First World and Third World nations, between colonizer and colonized, men and women, black and white, straight and gay, Bhabha would have it, we might more profitably focus on homii faultlines themselves, on border situations and thresholds as the sites where identities are performed and contested.

Before the French arrived in the area the Indian societies were scattered by a devastating war which resulted in a number of small tribes with changing alliances and hostilities towards each other.

The Baron, who favoured peace, but still wanted to maintain good relations with the Rnunciation, tried to build on both Indian traditions as well as Christian elements to promote his case.

A thigd economic relationship with special rules and permissions for professional traders was not possible due to the differences bhwbha social structure coercive institutions etc and the fleeting enunciatikn among the Indian and the French.

To Bhabha, social collectives cultures are specific temporal constellations, which to a large extent consist of elements that they share with others But, of course, encounters of the third space certainly not only appear while confronting texts, but also emerge in material context when people interact. This effect is referred to by Bhabha as the “third space of enunciation” Third Space Theory can explain some of the complexity of poverty, social exclusion and social inclusion, and might help predict what sort of initiatives would more effectively ameliorate poverty and exclusion.


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Such identified practices form the basis for a further analysis on more general patterns in social structure, ideology, and symbolic orders. She describes the strategy of a Czech Jew at Treblinka who applied a kind of mimicry in order to survive the holocaust. The colonial discourse is split in enunciation between various positioned agents who mis appropriates the dominant ideology in order to intercede against and resist it.

Bhabha The revision of the history of critical theory rests … on the notion of cultural difference, not cultural diversity. Third Space Theory suggests that policies of remediation based in models of the Other enunciaiton likely to be inadequate.

Microarchaeology is, to put it simply, a way of discussing regularities in practice without the need to confine the study within a cultural context. Only the ships captain heard a familiar melody.

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It is therefore important to examine his work in a detail in order to point out both weaknesses and possibilities for archaeological studies. Postcolonial studies cover a great variety of approaches outlined in the works of e.

But of course, mimicry can intentionally be employed as a subversive strategy in most unequal power relations. The middle ground is best viewed as hhomi realm of constant invention, which created cultural demands of its own.

Third Space Theory – Wikipedia

Bonds of affinity class, kin, location: The variety of the processes behind such contact situations are seldom analysed in detail and the arguments rather focus on which general model i.

The Location of Culture. Like Foucault, he employs particular examples and statements in order to expose the structure of modernist and colonial discourse. The social encounter is hom a central aspect of research for archaeology. In a microarchaeological approach, regularities and patterns of materialities in time and space form the basis for inferring social practice. The general idea of the microarchaeological project is spaace local social practices, in conscious and unconscious ways, always elaborate on a wider frame of reference.


Third Space Theory

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: Third Space Theory has been applied to the prespace within which children learn to read, bringing domestic and school literacy practices into their own constructions of literacy.

Of course, the outcome of the Isandlwana bhahba was not solely a result of the lack of screwdrivers, but the example nonetheless illuminates the importance of materialities including logistics, time-space and the material circumstances in social encounters. The intervention of the Third Space, which makes the structure of meaning and reference hmoi ambivalent process, destroys this mirror of representation tird which cultural knowledge is continuously revealed as an integrated, open, expanding code.

In Mediterranean archaeology, the concept of colonisation is well established and it is no surprise that we find most attempts by archaeologists to apply postcolonial theory in this area e. It is certainly true that social collectives are to some extent disordered by conflicting ideas, multiple voices, and interpretations, but as Barth argues, we should nonetheless expect to find: The Archaeology of Colonial Encounters.

It is also important to acknowledge that many effects of an encounter are not necessarily determined by acts of officials such as kings, chiefs or military leaders, but also in many more contradictory ways by other less prominent involved individuals and their materialities.

Mobile Homes and Transnational Homing”. It can therefore be little doubt that by taking the notion hybridity and its effects seriously it will force us to look quite differently at social change and the emergence of new practices and materialities of any given time period.

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