GURPS Mage The Ascension *OP (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [Robert M. Schroeck] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Gurps Mage: The Ascension: Robert M. Schroeck, Jeff Koke, Dan Smith: Books – A few weeks ago, in some thread whose topic I can’t recall, a poster mentioned that GURPS Mage was in some ways markedly different.

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Please try again later. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. If he is driven back into the Umbra by the player characters, the Storyteller may choose to have him return at some future point to threaten them again. The Never-Ending Story When the mages first arrive, they find everything completely normal. The Storyteller will have to improvise ascennsion deal with any new plan, but mxge allow a new idea that sounds reasonable to have a chance of working based on the information presented here.

Night falls in seconds, and a collection of bright stars appear in the sky in constellations that are unfamiliar to any earthly astronomer. He only becomes adcension when preaching about his “great purpose” to others, then he tends to rant and rave almost hypnotically. Turning on the tap, she splashed some cool water on her face. She went into the bathroom and set mxge drink down on the counter.

If they don’t, she will be approached by Alyson Lane about joining the Technocracy and will eventually end up as one of the better spin-doctors of the New World Order, writing the kind of material that sustains the belief that magick is nothing more than a quaint fiction.

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GURPS – Mage – The – Free Download PDF

She will tend to get her bearings quickly once the situation has been explained to her. Show More Show Less.

If none of the players thinks to mention it, Mahe Lane will. The mages might have had dream or visions about the Node, or they might simply have heard rumors about its existence or of Technomancer activity in the area. An additional two successes tells them the Node’s location.

When I ran mine, I based it on 6 levels containing full mastery, but only allowed PCs to obtain 5. The people of Eastridge are hurps as well, becoming bent and twisted goblin-forms of their true selves. As she set the glass down and turned to look for the source of the sound, she failed to notice the shimmering in the bathroom mirror.


Only the Never-Ending Story remains unchanged by the reality-shift. The Ascension describes a world where people do indeed create their own reality; you are what you will or what you have been taught to will.

Use M20 to determine what the first five levels can do, and Masters of the Art to determine what the last five can do. Mood The mood of the story is one of confusion and strangeness, where ordinary reality is ascenslon and there is an unknown and frightening truth behind it. Plot Thw characters end up for various reasons in Eastridge, a small resort town in rural Vermont. She pushed her laptop aside and stared at what she had written.

GURPS World of Darkness Series

Any 5 of the gamemaster’s choice. Her efforts to do so brought her to Eastridge and to the edge of Awakening. She lay back on the queen-size hotel bed and stretched, listening to her joints pop. The players should quickly realize that The Hierophant is a marauder who is using June’s ideas as a template for transforming reality using the energy of the Node. Robert Louis Stevenson Paperback Children. He knows only that his humble establishment has become more attractive to people in the town and that they enjoy browsing, reading and chatting here because of the homey and pleasant atmosphere.

Unattractive, Duty New World Order. She is relishing the responsibility and hopes to use this affair to demonstrate to her superiors how efficiently she can handle a situation like this and move up in the ranks. A frustrated writer by the name of June Dano has chosen the town as a place to get away from distractions and work on her inspiration for a new novel, based on a fiction setting that has come to her in a series of dreams.

Has Anyone Done a GURPS Mage The Ascension Workup For GURPS 4e – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The Gauntlet collapses and the Umbra and the real world begin to “overlap” and mingle in a way unseen before by any of the characters. Force 3Mind 3. They are not in control of themselves and not responsible for their actions. Note that the realm magic rules already include reactive reality.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Correspondence 3Life 2Matter 3Mind 3Prime 3. Orlando “No please, call me Andrew. Vulgar magick will fly thickly as The Hierophant attempts to stop the mages, all the while commanding them to obey him and join his new reality where magick will be a true power and the Awakened will rule as kings.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. She will ask who the characters are and for an explanation of what is going on.

All of the transformations of the town are like the descriptions of the domain of The Hierophant from June’s novel. This alliance is one of convenience only. The energies of the Node in Eastridge, combined with the Awakening of June Dano, attracted his attention, and he latched onto June’s new, avant-garde fantasy novel as the model for his new reality, tapping the power of the Node to make it so. After fighting the initial onslaught of goblins, the characters will eventually want to try to escape so they can gather their wits and formulate a plan of action Alyson Lane will suggest a strategic retreat if no one else does.

Draining and destroying the Node is far more likely to work, although the player characters should be reluctant to do so.

GURPS RPG Mage The Ascension Sourcebook by Steve Jackson Games 6068

It’s not really compatible with the then pre-existing magic system for GURPS, as this version is far more powerful, and if your GURPS game mixes genres, old-style wizards and magic-user types are liable to feel ripped off, as they will girps paid more character points for less power. Paperback Books Robert Barrett.

The Technocracy will keep watch on the site for any signs of the Node re-awakening and will move to sanitize it if it does. Then, Paradox will exert its full force once again, and the characters will suffer any Paradox effects they generated during the story. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The amulet appears to have no real significance or power, although the players might suspect otherwise. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as maeg unprinted box or plastic bag.

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