The Good Muslim has ratings and reviews. Pankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age, Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, as a “startlingly accomplished and. In “A Golden Age,”Tahmima Anam chronicled Bangladesh’s war for independence through the story of Rehana Haque, a widow drawn. Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel ofgreat poise and power.” — Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory Set in Bangladesh at a ti.

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The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review

The Good Muslim is a novel by Tahmima Anam. The Text Publishing Company. Alternating between and The Good Muslim tells the story of Maya, a doctor who has spent seven years in self-imposed exile travelling the country, helping women and children survive childbirth and common illnesses, and her brother, Sohail, a freedom fighter in the war against Pakistan that ended in She’s an intelligent, bold, outspoken woman in a country that favors female submission.

Aug 07, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: But Anam invests real narrative power in the sections set in the mids, in which the past resonates as an often minatory echo. Anam is not afraid to chart her way through chaos and crisis.

View all 3 comments. Even though this is a fictional story, but it is very much inspired from the real-life stories and it has left my heart bleeding from the pain that I felt after reading this book. Bangladeshis are not necessarily much better off than before the war. It is kuslim story about faith and family shadowed by a war.

Picking up her life in Dhaka, Maya is confronted by the new Bangladesh glod a different way from the country, where little much has changed. Sohail wants to send his son to a madrasa and, as a result, a conflict ensues between them and comes to a devastating climax.


The Good Muslim

I could have glod it before bed last night, but I had a feeling that the ending should wait until morning. As well as the inner-workings of a family, and their desperate attempt to hold fast to their faith.

Sep 08, Diana rated it it was amazing Shelves: I didn’t understand some of Maya’s actions or motivations, especially around Zaid. Also the dialogues are catchy, engaging and free flowing.

The Bangladesh War for Independence has ended and the country that has emerged hasn’t lived up to the standards for which Maya, Sohail, and Rehanna thought they were fighting. Those transformative political events are crucial to the story, but they are very much a backdrop to an intimate family story.

An old friend, Joy, returns from America and Maya resists his quiet determination to marry her. She comes back home and even joins a newspaper, sharing her views on the new political situation of Bangladesh, but doesn’t find solace in that, as her real piece lies with Sohail only, who she feels has abandoned her just like that for religion.

All I knew about it before I learned from year 11 geography class, in which we used Bangladesh as a topic country – so my understanding of the country is one of high infant mortality rates, poor standard of living, low GDP, and rivers that flood routinely, depositing nutrient-rich sediment in which they plant their rice crops. It would probably give better background and context for Bangladesh’s war of independence from Pakistan.

The Good Muslim follows the story of Haque family after the war, when in an abandoned building, Sohail Haque comes across a woman, shattered and ripped to pieces, showing the signs of war, gang rape, torture and seeds of hatred in her womb. She is still the feisty, independent woman we know from before, but more mellow and with a few years of life experience that have given her a new maturity that allows her to stop and consider other people’s points of view.


Text Publishing — The Good Muslim, book by Tahmima Anam

The story of The Good Muslim is pretty strong and will keep you engaged, and Maya’s character will take a place in your heart. Sohail felt the need to atone for his part in the war by gradually falling into an extreme practice of Islam.

And then there’s Anam’s treatment of Maya, the main character here. It’s rather like a third character – a hazy, ill-defined character that wields enormous power over the others but never comes into the foreground where it tamima be faced.

But what confused and bothered me was how she took it out on Zaid. She arrives to find that everything has changed. This format works well as the reader is privy to the building suspense of how this family will face some of their toughest struggles together. In the story of The Good Muslim, you come across both types of characters.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review | Books | The Guardian

Only at the end did I feel something more for him than Maya’s anger and frustration, though I pretty much hated him for the way he treated his son, and I disagree with Maya that it was her fault, what happened to Zaid. Anam is a competent writer, but if you’ve not read her previous book as I have notyou may be at the same considerable disadvantage that I feel I was reading The Good Muslim.

She is essentially a non-believer. Like a monster that remains in the shadows, in the guilt-ridden spots of the heart.

This novel is a sequel to her debut novel A Golden Age.

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