Question regarding a FLuke A meter display. «on: January 28, , 04 am». So I’ve gotten into restoring “vintage” DMMs from Ebay. I’ve gotten. Download FLUKE A IM.V4 SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Hi guys. I managed to buy a Fluke A for £1, knowing that it wasn’t working. The selection switches were broken bar one, and they were.

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Reference Designation or Item Number e. The theory of operation for the A is arranged under two major headings. Newark, New Jersey Southco Inc.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania Bourns Inc. This section contains information regarding the installation and operation of the Model A.

The reference designators for integrated circuits containing two or more gates or functions are presented in text with a numeric suffix. Chicago, Illinois Optimax Inc. Show More Show Less. Some semiconductors and custom IC’s can be damaged by electrostatic discharge during handling.

Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter Missing Rubber Foot Pad – Used

Chatsworth, California General Electric Co. Measurement capabilities of the A can be increased by the addition of one or more of the avail- able options and accessories listed in Fuke Bridgeport, Pennsylvania U. Also check for any blown fuse or fuse link on the PC board. The current to be applied to the knowm and unknown resistance is supplied by a constant current source consisting of a voltage regulator, Q21 and Qland a current regulator, Q2 and CR2.


The most significant digit of the display is the first to be strobed out of Ull. Re- quired equipment is listed earlier in Section 4, Table If the voltage across the resistor is less than 0. See Figure for adjust- ment locations. When an Ohms Converter Option is installed, the A is capable of making two- or four- terminal 8810x measurements.

However, adjust only R40 and R Troubleshooting information for each functional area is presented in the following paragraphs. This common mode current flow will cause a normal mode voltage drop across the lead resistance that will add to or subtract from the input voltage being measured.

The A front panel display will generally indicate a buffer malfunction in one of three ways. Power Supply Check An incorrect or missing control signal at RN3 may be caused by fluje failure in the logic control gates U13, U 14, or U Kenilworth, New Jersey Monsanto, Co. Fluke A Digital Multimeter T The squaring vluke converts the current into a voltage equal to two times the log of the input, and thus effectively squares the signal.


Secure the brackets and retainers to the handle mounting bosses using the handle mounting screws. Scottsdale, Arizona Unitrode Corp.

Fluke A for Sale|Voltmeters|Meters|Test Equipment Center

This list presumes an availability of common electronic parts at the maintenance site. If the original container is not available, a new one can be obtained from the John Fluke Mfg. This controlled interaction between the two units ensures an accurate and expeditious transfer of data. It converts flu,e ac input voltage into an equivalent positive dc current.

Parts lists include the following information: Measurement and Controls Div.

Fluke 8810A Digital Multimeter

Fluke 77 Multimeter stopped reading current Posted by bluebrakes in forum: California Weston Instruments Inc. This signal is inverted by U 1 and applied to U If the inverter checks out, test the voltage dropped across R Measure the voltage drop across the I OHM resistor. Using the resistor decade specified in Tableapply the resistance values indicated in Tableto the A input terminals. Watertown, Massachusetts Thermalloy Co. DC Linearity Check

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