eyeOS User Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Install Guide eyeOS 2 Cloud Computing OS on Windows v Global Open Versity Cloud Computing Hands-on Labs Training Manual. Step-By-Step Install. operation, for example reading the database, you call a PHP function on the server side using the provided API. 6 EyeOS Developer Manual, English.

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Install Open Source, Web Desktop EyeOS on Ubuntu Linux | LinuxPitStop

You should see a screen like eeos on Fig. To do this, perform the following procedures: It also has a powerful applications bundle that includes 5 powerful applications out of the box thought to be simple and easy to use: On local Computer from home setup or Portable media: Software recoll exiftool OpenOffice Daemon Kaazing gateway: Click Next to continue.

EyeOS is just like an online operating system, it is based on cloud computing concept manul offers an online desktop based system for collaboration and communication among users.

To view database using command-line, change: Global Open Versity, Vancouver Canada. Enter your details and then click the Register button when done. To accept contact request, click People tab, on the right-hand manaul Lists heading, click Pending, which shows tasks waiting for action, see Fig.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

Yeeos, with eyeOS strong believe in privacy in cloud computing — the onus remains on how best you implement IT security best practices in your organization network infrastructure. However, if you want a full experience in your eyeOS, it is strongly recommended to have all the requirements installed before proceeding.

In general, deploying eyeOS cloud in learning environment is bold initiative that is definitely bound to promote technological innovation that is expected to revolutionize the amnual education is delivered in the future leading to better learning outcome and experiential learning environment for students. Multiple character sets are supported, and internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF Manaul if its running by typing: As you can observe from Fig. We will soon try updating the article with instructions for rpm based systems as well.


It can process RSS feeds and save them so that you can get access and read all your news in one place, on your desktop of eyeOS. This may be desirable if you don’t intend to use your servers that often. To manage janual new group, click on the group icon, choose as desired, as shown in Fig. You are free to continue with the installation even if there are some missing requirements in your server.

Click and Confirm Contact each individual person to your contact, as shown in Fig.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

There is an error in this eyeOS installation, please contact the system administrator. Please follow and like us: Eyeos 2 3 user manual gz” with this icons 2. Powerful query facilities are provided. Documents — You can use Documents application which uses eyeOSDocs to write new document or edit an existing one.

Uncomment the following line on your php. Recoll is a personal full text desktop search tool based on Xapian. EyeOS is lightweight, easy to install, user friendly web desktop which fully utilizes the concept of cloud computing.

In education sector — eyeOS cloud is an excellent tool that can easily be implemented in education environment to complement eLearning tools like Moodle LMS. The former is meant for administrative purposes while the later should be used for surveillance. Post Installation Tasks Step 1: Logging in by root.


Click the Create button to eysos the database.

Install Open Source, Cloud Computing Web Desktop EyeOS on Ubuntu Linux 15.04

I think better to check Apache error logs for the details of this issue. You should now have “Cloud Computing” group visible in your Added tab, see Fig.

Next locate the group that you would wish to join and then click as shown to join the group, see Fig. Today building your own private hosting solution have never been so easy — especially with the current advances in open source technologies. If during the installation of eyeOS, any of the pre-requisites or required packages is marked in red or orange color, and you continue with the installation — then your eyeOS cloud computing operating is bound to occasionally crash or fail to work completely!

From here you can view your current schedules or add new schedules. The basic system comes with some office and PIM applications, and the complete eyeOS software database can be found at eyeApps. Now launch your browser and load http: User szulu joining Cloud Computing group.

At the time this article was written the version was: Canon a hd user manual 2: The system will give the portability to its users. The open character of eyeos makes it popular among computer lovers. At the time of writing this hands-on manual we downloaded “eyeos Install eyeOS Part 5:

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