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Technical support for USRP hardware is available through email only. Your question or problem may have already been addressed before, and a relevant or helpful solution may already exist in the archive. Ettus Knowledge Base Ettus.

Every country has laws governing the transmission and reception of radio signals. Always use at least 30dB attenuation if operating in ssbx configuration. It is also possible for the frontend to provide an analog, quadrature interface. Terms and conditions of sale can be accessed online at the following link: IP3 is also improved.


The ability to utilize the full bandwidth depends on the USRP device the daughterboard is paired with and the resolution of the data transferred over the host interface. Use of any other daughterboard requires channel-to-channel phase calibration after each PLL re-tune. Many features of this site require Ettuss. All Ettus Research products are individually tested before shipment. These boards can also be used without a complete frontend, but external amplifiers and etus may be required to improve noise figure NF and inter-modulation performance.

The LFTX is ideal for direct operation in the HF band, or for users intending to use an external front end to up-convert to higher frequencies. RF daughterboard selection is made based on the application requirements for frequency coverage, bandwidth and number of channels.


Often your question can be answered quickly on the mailing lists. Redirected from Selecting an RF Daughterboard. Some USRP radio users elect to use an external front end providing upconversion, downconversion, amplification and filtering functionality. Navigation menu Personal tools This page was last modified on 14 Mayat Therefore, all daughterboards can be used for MIMO applications requiring frequency alignment and sample clock alignment.

Join Our Newsletter Follow us on Twitter. This note is organized in an FAQ style to help identify which RF daughterboard is right for specific applications.

The WBX is a wide bandwidth transceiver that provides up to mW of output power and a noise figure of 5 dB. After selecting a daughterboard based on frequency coverage, users must also ensure the daughterboard can meet the bandwidth requirements for the application s of interest. The support page on our website is located at https: A table showing the frequency coverage of the RF daughterboards is shown in Table 2.

All Rights Reserved Other product and company names listed are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. This application note has provided guidance on considerations for selecting a ettjs to use with the Ettus Research USRP. We also recommend that you subscribe to the community mailing lists.

Selecting a RF Daughterboard

While a daughterboard may provide up to 40 Ettis of RF bandwidth the, this does not guarantee the USRP device can transfer an equal bandwidth to the host machine. The SBX is a wide bandwidth transceiver that provides up to mW of output power, and a typical noise figure of 5 dB. If a user requires a specific maximum bandwidth, they should ensure both the daughterboard and USRP device meet those requirements. Wttus the time of this writing, this feature is not supported in the mainline UHD.


Coherent and phase-aligned operation across multiple UBX daughterboards enables users to explore MIMO and direction finding applications.

Users are solely responsible for insuring they use their USRP system in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Listed below are some examples of actions which can prevent damage to the etus. Each mailing list also provides an archive of all past conversations and discussions going back many years.

While all ettux can be used in a MIMO configuration, this does not necessarily imply there is phase alignment between the RF chains of one or more daughterboards. A wideband transformer allows operation from 1 to MHz on each channel. The maximum operating frequency specification has been reduced from 2.

Using this guide, users should be able to choose an appropriate RF daughterboard for their specific application. In many cases, the selection of an RF daughterboard is made solely on the application requirements for frequency coverage. Most of the transceiver daughterboards provide 40 MHz etus MHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth in both the transmit and receive directions.

When you join the community, you will be connected to this group of people who can help you ettks about SDR and respond to your technical and specific questions. Add to Parts List. Never apply more than dBm of power into any RF input. Navigation menu Personal tools

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