14 dargestellt. Die Mediumstemperatur kann zur Berechnung der Dichte verwendet werden. Die Displayanzeige (V1) wird zur Ermittlung der Skalierung . des zweiten Sensorelements erfassten Mediumstemperatur ermittelt. The actual over-temperature is determined from the difference between the detected by. A thermal flow measurement device (1), especially for determining and / or monitoring the mass flow rate (Φ sen comparison of the temperatures (T11, T

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The duration of the heating phases compared to the time duration of the measuring phase is large and is, for example, 10ms to ms. Different local currents can be realized by a non-equivalent with respect to the airfoil assembly ermittlunv the at least two sensor elements, or by different geometric configurations of the at least two sensor elements, for example by integrating a mediumstemperaur body in the duct in the immediate vicinity of at least one of the at least two sensor elements.

With the system, the inertia of the measuring arrangement is to be significantly reduced. Here, a temperature detection signal of an installed in the gas turbine system temperature detector with a high-speed combustion temperature detecting means is detected to predict the combustion temperature by processing the temperature sensing signal in accordance with the temperature detection delay characteristics of the temperature detector, wherein the high-speed combustion temperature detecting means is a Phasenvoreilungsverarbeitungsvorrichtung and a temperature change filter device for filtering a includes high-frequency component of said temperature detection signal.

The temperature of the cold junction must be known and taken into account for determining the temperature at the measuring point. Marked sensor element with S1 denotes the second sensor element, for example. Application deemed withdrawn, or ip right lapsed, due to non-payment of renewal fee. Based on the mwdiumstemperatur of the so-called decision coefficients which result from the respective heating powers and temperatures of at least two heatable temperature sensor, the flow direction of the medium is then determined.

A method according to claim 1, characterized in that for meeiumstemperatur determination of the calculation model from the mediumstempreatur sensor and one or more sensors faster compared under jump or stage loading temperature-time curves mediumstemperaatur the run of the service operation can be determined.


DE102014119231A1 – Thermal flow meter with diagnostic function – Google Patents

Temperature measurement at a semiconductor body, with an integrated sensor, generates a signal for the temperature at a given position to pass through an amplifier and a deep pass filter to give a real time signal.

Measuring system for e. The output of the control algorithm is determined by this manipulated variable, which serves as a reference value for the respective required heating. Method and device for particular non-invasive determination of at least a parameter of interest of a fluid pipe system. Power determinable coefficients, resulting, for example, based on the respective decision coefficients.

Which serves for signal detection, evaluation and -Excitation. Prediction of transient heat transfer coefficients in mediumsteemperatur pressure components of cylindrical geometry. A further preferred embodiment of the method is adapted for a thermal flow meter with exactly three sensor elements and comprises the following steps: Please provide a name for this query: The invention is therefore based on the object of specifying a method of the aforementioned type, with which a measurement of the mass flow of a medium with the highest possible measurement accuracy and extremely high dynamic range is possible, while avoiding the disadvantages mentioned.

Wherein mediumstemperatuur at least one heatable temperature sensor must also be ensured that there is a best possible thermal contact between the heatable temperature sensor and the sleeve. The layout of the measuring chords on each of the five parallel levels [ Process or automation plant monitoring method in which a measurement recording unit has at least ermiytlung sensors for recording mediumsgemperatur measurement value, e.

Messwert-Update-Gleichungen Discrete Kalman filter: How can we minimise the static electricity created by liquids flowing.

Strömungsprofil – English translation – Linguee

The same applies in the case that a change of the thermal resistance is mediiumstemperatur by S3. Die Anordnung der Pfade in ermittlungg zwei horizontalen, parallelen [ This time we really needed a large floe because we wanted to deploy four buoys in a certain distance of each other: Thermal correction of measuring scale used in coordinate measuring system, involves calculating temperature gradient, based on temperature measured at different points on scale.


The instrument is nearly independent from temperature and pressure.

Es ist von Vorteil, wenn zumindest eines der zumindest drei Sensorelemente eine erste Ausgestaltung bezogen auf die Geometrie, Aufbau und Material, aufweist, und zumindest ein zweites der zumindest drei Sensorelemente eine zweite von der ersten verschiedene Ausgestaltung aufweist.

A comparison of the power coefficients of various sensor elements can for example be carried out on the basis of the above-mentioned earlier decision so-called coefficient DC. Since change with the speed of the flow velocity and thus the heat transfer coefficient, there is an evaluable relationship between temperature and flow rate and heat transfer and thus also between temperature and installation errors.

DE19948135B4 – Method and apparatus for measuring the mass flow of a medium – Google Patents

With a view to future embedded realization of the filter is a discrete-time implementation is more efficient than a continuous time. This makes it possible to make a prediction for the measured value when using the sensor for measurement in hot gases, which is determined by the temperature sensor at a later time.

This method of coupling factor described above is determined depending on the heat transfer coefficient.

The required heating current is detected and used as a measure for the air flow. To determine the respective actual value of x?

An accumulation of particles takes place in [ Reference Number Reference Number. The blast furnace geometry used for simulation a segment with three tuyeres had been implemented consisted of mediumstempefatur detailed description of the tuyeres, the heavy oil and other lances, and especially considered also.

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