El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente has ratings and reviews. Kewpie said: I got this in From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Buy El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente Translation by Professor Anne Rice (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

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It wasn’t morally uplifting, although showing how much you can give to a person, how much humility one can achieve, well Some people get off to rape fantasies.

He then takes her back to his kingdom where she is basically a slave along with many others that are being groomed for nobility. Not for the faint of heart. Why oh why did you do it Anne? The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is well planned out, with the right amount of plot, sex and romance.

El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente

Return to Book Page. My Proper Review Okay what to say, what to say?

I think I must have looked at this book from a different perspective then most readers. My response was much like that of Kermit the Rl watching the ‘two girls, one cup’ video Moving on, the reason I read this book is merely out of curiosity.

El Rapto de La Bella Durmiente by A.N. Roquelaure (3 star ratings)

I just gave it four stars because the ending felt empty for me. Does the “Sleeping Beauty Trilogy” have any literary rife She is then taken as the Prince’s personal slave. I’m just not sure So that’s why I’m expecting that I’ll durmient even finish reading this book because of that past ra;to and pretty much I have so many dear GR friends who have rated this book 1 star. Sleeping Beauty was treated more like a sex toy rather than a princess in this book.


It’s the only book I have ever thrown across the room This series of three books covers everything society looks down upon and makes it normal While it is still one of my all time favorite erotic fantasy series, I feel compelled to warn anyone interested in reading these books to be aware that they are no After a debating with myself for awhile, I finally decided to sit down and write a recommendation for this series.

View all 3 comments. The strong female in me chafed against the seemingly barbaric dominance of the prince and the high court. There is so much of it that it does become tedious in places, “spanking, again?

Those same people will have a hard time comprehending that there are many women who have a deep desire to be dominated and there’s even those who have rape fantasies. This book talks about different forms of Punishment: Sadly, it started to pall for me after a time. I have always belal an Anne Rice fan. But, from one point onwards, this atmosphere becomes darker, as these images of violent sensuality are durmiiente being replaced by images of physical and psychological abuse that definitely upset the reader and completely destroy this sensual atmosphere of the book.

I don’t think so. durmiwnte

It’s the sub plot I liked, rather than the central plot. This is a fantasy book, there is no consent, and no one ever gets their period or has to go to the bathroom either. I like a good erotic story, and this one isn’t my flavor. She kind of remind me of Judith McNaught novels with added dark side and erotica flavor on it. I was completely sucked-in and transfixed by the elaborate and oftentimes absurd fantasy world full of debauchery within.


At the end of the first book, you are left asking, “But what happens next? A tale in which Sleeping Beauty’s prince is more perverted than charming.

This book was a new spin anje sleeping beauty. The Sleepi I don’t know why I feel compelled to review this one. They are groomed, physically and mentally, with the end goal being the breaking of their willful spirits.

I’m currently in the processes of rereading the series, it has been close to a decade since I’ve last read them. I loved the Vampire Chroni I keep on asking myself why the hell I am making a review for this book. There are so many erotic books to choose from now that there is something for everyone.

Jun 28, Neri. As well as it was written, I feel dirtier for having read it.

From bestselling author Anne Rice, writing as A. It brought forth my desires in a way that I couldn’t describe or explain. These book take place in a fantasy world without limitations or consequences.

I’m not sure I feel a need to read the other two books, though. Sometimes Bela want to vomit, sometimes I want to cry.

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