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Jun 15, Maxine rated it did not like it Shelves: I have to go get your book now! Wolfe about many things she has said like it’s okay to eat wofle meat!

I mean really, the state of psychiatry in the 19th century was barbaric. Mar 03, Suzanne Barrett rated it it was amazing. Great information, a bit flippant however.

About my book: EAT THE YOLKS! – Real Food Liz

It’s not that I’m just trusting her word on it but I’ve been reading it other places too. The food I had then was real food. Finally, though I love her personality on the podcast she does, I find it just didn’t translate well for me to paper. It really opens your eyes to the “business” of making food and how it often doesn’t align with what our bodies need nutritionally.

Fat doesn’t make me fat! Vegetable oils aren’t made with vegetables! While I would argue that we don’t need to call it “Paleo”, or hang out with Paleo’s angry brother, Crossfit, in order to pretend we can still spear and kill antelope, Wolfe does provide useful research and a framework for a lifestyle change that tries to remedy the detrimental health effects of the total industrialization of our eating habits.

It’s okay to use real butter instead of those processed fats and margarine.

As someone who reads the studies and really does their own research on whatever my topic of interest may be, I found the way Liz presented what she’d found in her research to be frustrating.


Throughout the course of the book, Wolfe neither skims over information that might be seen to refute her own beliefs such as Weston A. Liiz and cholesterol are harmful to your health?

It’s all about the moderation. Diane Sanfilippo, who shares podcast lzi in Balanced Bites with Wolfe, gives a foreword, and Wolfe jumps into the introduction with provocative questions and comments on the Propaganda Police, what Paleo is and what ljz need to know. There isn’t a section in this book devoted to “foods you should eat and foods you shouldn’t”, instead she sums it all up by simply saying “eat food, not processed crap”.

I learned so much about the science behind it and why I feel like I’ve been scammed by the government that was paid by corporate interests and what schools teach you about nutrition. Doctors aren’t really taught nutrition in school. They probably didn’t live long enough to acquire the diseases of aging that we are facing now.

Mar 01, Jessica rated it really liked lz. Dec 28, Tony rated it really lz it. And tens of thousands of you have wollfe it AND made it a best seller! If I was going to recommend one book for someone interested in the lifestyle to start with it would be this one. As someone who doesn’t like to eat a lot of meat I don’t find this adaptable.

To ask other readers questions about Eat the Yolksplease sign up. I particularly like the ending: Hey, I am so down with this. This book is brimming anthropology, chemistry, and common sense.

Like it is all just propaganda.

With some serious classic movie references mixed in. While I do appreciate the science behind it, I wish there would have been more application of the science that she discussed. Would like to know where she got some of the ideas that is, footnotes would have been nicethough appreciate the lengthy list of sources.

This book could be life-changing to anyone who gets their hands on it! She counters the diet-driven beliefs that cholesterol, fat, and carbs are bad, preferring not to vilify any one macronutrient in the human diet.

Wolfe about many things she has said li 3. Does a great job of breaking down nutritional science so it’s easy to understand while simultaneously making it obvious that eating real food is not something you should have to put so much thought into.


Well done for writing about health myths and dogma about the food we choose to eat, plus your fun approach is especially refreshing!

Eat the Yolks

This does not have to be an environmental disaster if we are true to wh Hey, I am so down with this. Some people will like that, some people not so much. Her mantra, “Eat Real Foods”, makes sense on every level, so why can’t she be believed, even though she doesn’t have the letters PHD next to her name. Oct 10, Richard Schwindt rated it really liked it. Congrats and keep up the good work Liz!

It is very my a book, not a to-do list. I actually returned this book, as I disliked it so thoroughly – I was extremely disappointed in it. Well worth the time spent reading it. I found the jokes and silly side notes to be distracting and yo,ks, and I imagine someone trying to learn this stuff for the first time would eay. Summers were spent in rural Florida on my grandfather’s farm.

So, instead of only telling me about the plant-rich nutrients and why we need them, include some specific examples and uses. Mar 08, Liz Bransfield rated it it was ok. I’m not a reader of Liz Wolfe’s blog, so I was unaware of her particular writing style when I picked this up.

I love how down wplfe earth and approachable lkz book is, mixed in with a lot of wit and humor to make it an easy read. I will eat more eggs and beef from properly fed hens and cows and significantly less grains as a carbohydrate source. You are both great at explaining complicated terms using simple language for lay people like me.

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