Looking for a Mori Seiki Duravertical VMC? We just listed this Mori Seiki Duravertical It’s under power and ready for inspection!. The salesman stopped by yesterday talking up the Duravertical for us, and I’ m curious if anyone has any real world opinions on them. Mori-Seiki DuraVertical Newest CNC Mill at Zimmerman Metals, Inc. CONTACT US. KEY FEATURES; PHOTOS. Travel: ″ (x) x ″ (y) x ″ (z).

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VM40 vmc sewing machine – spindle lasted 12 months then rebuild. Sign up for a new account in our community. Use your display name or email address to sign in: Kinda like a robodrill eco. So almost everyone agrees that they’re decent machines for the money?

Both are very good quality and run flawless. The only thing I would be wary of is the limited travel. I was told that Dr Mori as in big cheese wants to have a machine tool company bigger than Mazak, so buying DMG helps him on his way to his dream Dursvertical far the only differences I see are in the sheet metal.

Got some new information: If so, it would be a bargain IMO. Other than that I think you will be happy.

Inventory Details

Already have an account? It can always be added later if needed since the hookup comes standard. At the old sh! It’s treated me pretty good considering it had been abused at an automobile plant for 8 years before I got my hands on it. The salesman stopped by yesterday talking up the Duravertical for us, and I’m curious if anyone has any real world opinions on them.


Also the 20 model lathe 2axis and 3 looked soooooooo similar to dueavertical Kia, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kia built it for them. You need to 5100 a member in order to leave a comment. They had bought the machine to replace 2 older machines thinking the one machine would be busy all year.

The partnership was one of survival. Results 1 to 20 of I attended their open house and they had a DuraVertical with the skins off and were pointing out the features. So the Genos likely is some sort of copy of that made in Taiwan, or other Sign In Sign Up. I assumed maybe Korea or Czech, but China ah well, apparently the captains are being phased out anyhow.

The new options on the new controls beat the old stuff hands down. durravertical

Machinery Resources International – For Sale – MORI SEIKI DURAVERTICAL

On what planet has Mori “finally merged in both name and practice” with Hitachi? Or sign in with one of these services. Don’t know if that’s the case but here’s some background. I can’t knock either of those machines.

Duravertical opinions – Machining, Tools, Cutting & Probing –

Hypertune, actually I was seriously considering the Mazak but it got sold out from under us and they are only making one per month in the US. Alum those are just what I would consider musts, ours is fully optioned out.

Subscribe to eMastercam News. No problems with build quality on that one either. Posted February 7, The Okuma M is made in Japan. I don’t know where Mori are going with this. The delima with buying a DuraVertical, is that while it’s unquestionably a great machine, it’s a five year old design about to become “the old model” possibly impacting resale in five years. I’m extremely happy with my Duravertical, but if you’re looking at a new machine you should ask Mori about an NVX.


Mapps control for me is not that bad, Sorry Tim it does takes some use to getting to like Mazatrol. What kind of cost premium? If you don’t need much travel, the new Mazak Smart would be worth looking at also. I did get a great price quote on the Mori DV but after seeing customer parts off the Okuma my jaw dropped. The Dura Vertical, is a good machine, I have one that runs hours a week doing heavy milling now for 5 years now.

Mori is a great machine. Look-Ahead is the lowest form of processing control G8. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

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The genos is based on the mb platform with fewer options. After my work getting some of the parts up and running they are wondering what to do with extra 8 months of production they are now going to be getting from the one machine.

These are Fanuc functions which are turned on and off by different G codes depending on the machine tool builder.

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