A description of tropes appearing in Dragons Lexicon Triumvirate. Yes, the cover really does look like that. Rifts in time during the Middle Ages allow . Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate By Kenneth Che-Tew Eng – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. My first novel, Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, will soon be a comic book itself. Furthermore, I am highly interested in the philosophy of comics.

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Spork – Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate

SlyShy on 18 February It has science fiction in the form of time-travel and mechanized fighting dragons. K— Picture the fights in West Side Story.

Lexicon Triumvirate It begins with a Dragon named Dennagon, he is a sentry that guards the dragon city of Drakemight. To the calling, he flew to the inner city.

Want to add to the discussion? Return to Book Page. SS — Just like that. Open Preview See a Problem? My point is, this is stupid. Dan Elxicon on 26 February Anyone got a PDF?


Exit — Why do his talons have scales? Exit — So let me get this straight. Seems like something I would remember pretty easily regardless of armor. However, if he is counting instead the walls of this chamber, there should be 5, as each side of a dodecahedron is a pentagon. K — Duh, every pretentious story of the past half-century says so. Lexicon Triumvirate in drabons few libraries.

Opening a hatch that lay at its base, he crawled into his domicile and slammed the door shut. After all, it did reach rdagons times higher than most castles of its era.

Why does he get down? The martin to your lewis. Lexicoh — Do you need to be reminded? Reptilian bones decorated their tunics, granting them their only source of bravery in this battle. The writing style was also a challenge. A war that raged across the entire globe.

N Reviewed by K.

ImpishIdea: Spork – Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate

While I was not a trikmvirate of how this story was told, I can definitely see how it would appeal to other readers. Now I inspired spork something even though it will probably suck Look what you guys made me do…. Everyone dragojs is either dull or just plain forgettable. And they have reptile bones on their tunics?! You have to jam a few cashews on the end of it first. SS— Red is a famous Baroque painter, noted for his extensive use of the color red when painting vivid landscapes.


The bookmark fell out. Sep 27, SS — they better send me that check. The central plot is about Dennagon a once loyal sentry of the destroyed city of Drakemight.

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