En la clasificación de Dubost, la disección abdominal representa del 1 al 2% de todas las disecciones aórticas, cuadro clínico aún más infrecuente si excluimos. El presente documento pretende ser una guía para la orientación diagnóstica y el tratamiento médico inicial de la disección aórtica aguda, proximal o distal. RESUMEN. Introducción: La disección aórtica es una enfermedad de pronóstico muy reservado, con una elevada mortalidad, aun cuando se diagnostique.

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SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact. Blood pressure control, not smoking [1].

Previous article Next article. Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America. The scan then follows the contrast as it disecdion through the vessel. Angiology accepts and reviews articles for publication received from Spain and Latin American countries. Severe hypotension at presentation is a grave prognostic indicator. In addition, many individuals experience claustrophobia while in the MRI scanning tube.

Disección aórtica aguda abdominal infrarrenal | Angiología

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Due to the high-intensity magnetic fields used during MRI, it is contraindicated in individuals with metallic implants. Because of the varying symptoms of aortic dissection, the diagnosis is sometimes difficult to make. Philosophical Diseccoin of the Royal Society.


Contrast is injected and the scan performed using a bolus tracking method. The intensity disecion of the murmur depends on the blood pressure and may be inaudible in the event of low blood pressure. The DeBakey system, named after cardiothoracic surgeon Michael E.

Aortic dissection – Wikipedia

The blood travels through the media, creating a false lumen the true lumen is the normal conduit of blood in the aorta. Due to the high pressures in the aorta, blood enters the media at the point of the tear. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. An acute dissection is one in which the individual presents within the first two weeks. Chest radiography may demonstrate a change in the morphology of the thoracic aorta which can be seen in aortic dissection.

Vascular surgerycardiothoracic surgery.

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Through these secondary tears, the blood can re-enter the true lumen. The initiating event in an aortic dissection is a tear in the intimal lining of the aorta. For Stanford type A ascending aortic dissection, surgical management is superior to medical aortiica. Complicated Stanford type B aortic dissections require surgical intervention after medical therapy is initiated.


D ICD – These are more dsieccion with a history of Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

In general, the imaging technique chosen is based on the pretest likelihood of the diagnosis, availability of the testing modality, patient stability, and the sensitivity and specificity of the test. Neurological complications of aortic dissection i.

Among the recognized risk factors for aortic dissection, hypertension, abnormally high levels of lipids such as cholesterol in the bloodand smoking tobacco are considered preventable risk factors.

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Dissection of the descending part of the aorta 3which starts from the left subclavian artery and extends to the abdominal aorta 4. Individuals who present two weeks after the onset of the dissection are said to have chronic aortic dissections.

While taking a good history from the individual may be strongly suggestive of an aortic dissection, the diagnosis cannot always be made by history and physical signs alone. In acute dissection, fast-acting agents which can be given intravenously and have doses that are easier to adjust such as esmololpropranololor labetalol are preferred.

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