Books by Richard Phillips Feynman, Six easy pieces, Mainly Cover of: Seis Piezas Faciles: LA Fisica Explicada Por UN Genio. Seis piezas fáciles: La física explicada por un genio Richard Feynman, premio Nobel de Física, no fue tan sólo un gran investigador, sino también un. Preview and download books by Richard P. Feynman, including The Feynman Lectures I, QED, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. Seis piezas fáciles.

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Seis piezas fáciles

In summary, this is a jewel of a little book that I thoroughly enjoyed and which deserves a full 5-star rating. He starts slowly, even simplistically with a discussion of symmetry and builds one upon the other taking the reader through some relativistic topics and finally concluding with a fantastic description of space-time geometry. I did my best, and Feynman is always a joy to read, but I probably won’t remember much about these topics tomorrow. The difference between spacetime, and space and the interval provides interesting sense of reality.

Because of this, this book is highly recommended to whoever has a minimum knowledge of maths and wants to start looking at relativity from a more detailed perspective than what offered by many generic popular science books.

Thus an event “right now” can not be defined, it is a mystery, because we are not affected by it right now, but can be affected later after eight minutes. I generally suggest avoiding this book and its outdated approach to Special Relativity.

This book, as well as its companion, Six Easy Piecesis a book that can judged by its cover. The example of page 64 establishes that simultaneity is not a unique thing in the universe, because it means different things to different observers.

We have “Not so easy” is right! But even if you aren’t able to understand the mathematics of the concepts discussed, the consequence of the theori The book like its successor is an amazing introduction to the wonders of physics.

I’m ordering the paperback so I can go through it again. I look forward to spending some more time with him. May 18, WarpDrive rated it it was amazing Shelves: We have grown up in a 3-dimensional world descargr we understand somewhat, and it’s not easy to grasp relativity, curved space, of piezxs, let alone curved space-time.


Some of piezzas are referenced below, but is great to read Richard Feynamn, because he did not like scientific ideas without a good physical foundation, and his approach is strikingly original.

Frequent references to his three volume book, Lectures in physics is valuable for readers who are fackles with his work. We might like to turn the idea around and think that the true explanation of the near symmetry of nature is piezs May 12, Mike rated it really liked it. In Lorentz transformations we see is a mixture of space and time.

But this is a book reviewing site, piezxs all, so review them I must. No one has any idea why. Relativistic dynamics; objects moving at high speeds during forward motion comparable to the speed of light shortens its physical length, and also time slows down time-dilation for the stationary observer, but the time remains the same for the moving astronaut.

It is a foundational ingredient of the very universe in which we live. An event physical reality is defined by both space and time because the position of an object is characterized by the time.

Because descqrgar books originated in a serious physics course, but have been selected for accessibility, they fall into that vague territory that lies between popular science and science proper. As a Physics student, reading this book gave me a great advantage while taking courses on modern Physics.

The book is a series of lectures intended for second-year Physics students at Caltech, so do not despair if you cannot grasp every single descargad in the book.

The best way to think of them are as Feynman samplers; you will not be able to eat your fill, but the books leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.

He did really well with writing for the average lay person. You can likely make it through it and learn things even if descargag have difficulties with the math. His autobiographies and biographies have been read and enjoyed by millions of readers around the world, while his wit and eccentricities have made him the subject of TV specials and even a theatrical film.


The “now” is an idea or a concept of our mind, it is not physically definable at the moment, and we have to wait to observe it separated by distance in light time. Writing this review many months after reading the book I find I can’t remember how well it worked for me.

Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein’s Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time

Return to Book Page. No trivia or quizzes yet. Paperbackpages. But when one looks closely he sees that in the elaborate and complex design along one of the pillars, one of the small design elements is carved upside down; otherwise the thing is completely symmetrical.

Lecciones de Física de Feynman (I) |

Later, he considers the best path to move a projectile between two points in a fixed amount of time, using only relativity theory. I learned that there are somethings I cannot grasp and sometimes these things are not understandable by most people. Feynman — —physicist, teacher, author, and cultural icon.

There are many websites that explains the transition from Newtonian mechanics to the theory of relativity to explain physical reality. I am one of them when it comes to this book. Published April 6th by Basic Books first published The uniform velocity can not be detected without looking from outside, but the uniform rotation about a fixed axis can be detected without looking from outside.

Oops, now we are supposed to know what a Lagrangian is to understand the significance of what he has done, generating classical mechanics purely from optimizing proper time in relativity.

What a phenomenal exposition of the mysteries of science. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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