MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded. • 3U, full rack width. CrossPoint Ultra 84 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra 88 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra HVA. MODEL. CrossPoint™ Ultra ultra-wideband matrix switchers are designed to deliver exceptional CrossPoint Ultra is available in six . CrossPoint Ultra HVA. Extron CrossPoint Ultra HVA 12×8 Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switcher with ADSP for RGBHV and Stereo Audio (12 x RGBHV BNC + Captive Screw for Audio.

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Remote keypad switchersModel s MKP Software Operation Via Ethernet Scaling BridgeModel s MediaPort Crosspoint Ultra Specifications Subnetting – A Primer Mail Server Ip Address Field Ethernet Protocol Settings Serial-port-connected Firmware Upload Performing A Hard Reset The appearance of a company’s name or product in this database does not in itself assure that products so identified have been manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service.


Input And Output Buttons Whether you’re considering thermal management in the equipment rack, or silent operation in a noise-sensitive environment, CrossPoint Ultra makes an excellent choice. System 128hvq Page In addition, the reprinted material must include a copyright notice in the following format: Using The Button-label Generator Software Twisted pair receiversModel s TPR File Management Tab Keypad remote controlsModel s KP 6.

Matrix Switchers Control Program Matrix Ip Address Field Peaking amplifiersModel s PA Establishing A Connection High demand applications require high performance signal routing.

Temperature has the highest impact on component life. About The Matrix Switchers Audio Input And Output audio Models CrossPoint Ultra matrix switchers are engineered to achieve superb channel-to-channel isolation of dB or better at MHz.

Administrator Password Field Part Numbers And Accessories Escape Character And Esc Key Quickly find, specify, or verify UL Certified products for your projects. Mav Plus Switchers Sync Time To Pc Button Recalling A Preset Through efficiency of design and the careful selection of high-quality, long-life electronic components, CrossPoint Ultra draws less than 40 watts at VAC under full load, less than a standard desk lamp.


Transcoder and standards convertersModel s TSC Local And Remote Devices Twisted pair transmittersModel s TPT Cabling And Rj Connector Wiring Firmware Upgrade Page Universal analog computer-video interfacesModel s RGB Front Panel Configuration Port Ip Settings Fields Mav Plus Specifications Button-label Generator Program The result is optimum reliability around the clock, year in and year out.

Rgbhv crosspoint Switchers

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