Overview. Fire Dragons are the dedicated tank-and-monster hunters of the Craftworlds armies; armed with some of the most devastating. Buy Warhammer 40k Codex: Craftworlds: Mini Table Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is why I’m not % convinced that Alaitoc is objectively better than the other Craftworlds. Alaitoc lists that typically spam Rangers.

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All attacks against that unit are resolved at -1 to hit for the rest of the phase. All Units in this section have the Path of War ability which is dodex old Objective Secured, and will be referred to as such. Should you opt out of fielding Scorpions or Banshees, Shining Spears can fill the melee niche while you field Fire Dragons or Shadow Spectres for the ranged roles.

I dunno, just wish Eldar got to do more than losing craftqorld almost all the time. A perfect pick for all the Shadow Spectres you’re inevitably going to field is Irillythas while he cannot abuse Alaitoc’s attribute the way his aspect crattworld can, he gives all Spectres an 18″ fear bubble that can make the Morale phase for your opponent just as dangerous as your shooting phase.

Autarchs again have incredible flexibility that let them fill whatever niche you may need in your detachment.

Your ad here, right now: Nice if you deployed first for a quick counter-deployment strategy in case you fucked up your unit placement. You will maximize the number of Runes of Battle your Warlocks can cast while simultaneously maximizing the number of Banshees crammed in the Wave Serpent with them.

This lets you deep strike a single Infantry or Biker unit of your choice! Not only do you need a Ynnari Special Character as a Warlord, but she is also the cheapest way to access the potent Word of the Phoenix psychic power. Well, the fracture is about the Eldar losing one of their most powerful Craftworld, and Yvraine dies a couple of times since, so I mean; Avatars of Khaine always suck, Farseers always get their predictions wrong, Craftworlds get totally rekt by small attack forces and even Eldrad loses in Death Masque.

Lastly, Farseers may not be able to directly support Corsair, Dark Eldar or Harlequin units, but can still serve as an offensive Psyker that can still cast Doom, Executioner and Smite on enemy forces. The whole thing costs a total of Points. The Avatar of Khaine is another perfect, if costly choice due to his potency in melee.

Craftworlds Codex Lore Disappointing : 40kLore

Your Wraithlords will appreciate this as they walk craftworlx the battlefield with a degrading stat line and no form of invulnerable save. Can shrug off mortal wounds. Depending on whether or not you’re going MSU with the Banshees, a standard 5-Banshee squad can appreciate having a craftwoeld Avenger squad tag along inside the Wave Serpent as a screening unit of sorts to give them a bit of cover fire. Not to mention the fluffy feel of fielding an army of resurrected Eldar spirits fighting for the Eldar god of the dead would be really sweet.


Ghazghkull got beat by the Dark Angels, Dante chopped Skarbrand in half, Caftworld Wolves beat Imotekh and staged a successful rescue from Commorragh and defeated Magnus twice and beat Grukk. Unfortunately, they’re craftwoeld longer as cheap as they were, at points for a standard 5-elf squad.

Without an Invulnerable save I’ve found them nearly useless and I can never spare the psy support to get them across the table alive. Warp Spiders crafrworld easily bump up to a -4 to hit modifier much the same way Shadow Spectres can; Flicker Jump, Conceal and Lightning Fast reflexes can all be stacked if your Spiders find themselves in a pinch, though keeping enemy units further than 12″ away may prove challenging since that just happens to be the range of their Death Spinners.

Finally, they themselves can take the infamous Psytronome of Iyanden into battle alongside their Wraith buddies.

Dire Avengers and Rangers are cheaper if you plan to save your points for Wraith units, and also appreciate the morale immunity should you max out their carftworld sizes as well. If you insist on taking any LoW, it’s borderline mandatory to use Iyanden’s Craftworld Attribute Double your wounds when referencing your Degrading Statlines. Shining Spears get an honorable mention since, even though they’re a melee-focused unit, their speed and relative durability make it fairly tempting to bulk it up with to-hit modifiers.

There are no Phoenix Lords for the Crimson Hunters, Warp Spiders, or Shining Spears that last is because Drastanta is busy challenging Jaghatai Khan to a bike race, but for the other two, we have no idea who their Ceaftworld Lord even isalthough it’s worth noting that Karandras is just faking it; the real one works for the Dark Eldar. Fast Attack Choice Recommendations: Remember that Corsairs, Ynnari, or Conclave units don’t gain any benefits from these. So technically they gain no real special rule advantage in the Craftworld army list except Ancient Doom, but that is both a strength and a weakness.

I wish GW would put more emphasis on the xenos factions I get its mostly about Chaos and Primaris but some more love and attention would be good! Revenant and Phantom Titans.


Sadly, Phoenix Lords can’t take a Warlord Trait. Congrats now you can cast 21 powers per turn in matched play. As such, Reborn Warhosts are best served in small, focused detachments with the remainder of your army present in a strictly Craftworld detachment.


The premiere tank of the Craftworlds, Wave Serpents outclass Falcons as durable transports that offer no small amount of firepower for considerably less cost than any other grav tank that you can field. All Eldar Flyers have special rule called “Wings of Khaine”, which means they advance 20″ without rolling, and more importantly, it gives the old vector-dancer: Mobility is never an issue with eldar.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Biel-Tan offers nothing that an eldar LoW can use, and if you’re fielding an army that is large enough to support a LoW, there’s a better Craftworld attribute for it. Ulthwe does this better, but Iyanden also doesn’t fear the return fire as much. Keep in mind the order in which you cast spells for two reasons, 1 your opponent could try and stop your first power, possibly leaving them vulnerable to the next.

The main advantage an Aliatoc Footdar list has is that the -1 to Hit will help your melee units actually get close enough to charge in the first place, something a lot of people overlook. At the start of your turn, you may pick an Iyanden Spiritseer. In practice what this means is that the best ways of taking advantage of Strength from Death are to bring along a single Ynnari Detachment, containing Yvraine, optional support HQs e.

Hopefully there will be some more lore with the ynarri i’m sure i spelt that wrong but i can’t be assed to change it codex but the problem would be its might not be much to do with craftworlders.

Starhawk Missile 1 CP: The first Farseer should cast Doom; if they need to use the re-roll for it, they should do so, and then cast Smite, and the second Farseer will ensure Guide goes off without a hitch.

Hate speech, trolling, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in a ban. Synonymous with Wraith units, it should come as no surprise that Iyanden offers craftworlc most incentives to field anything Wraith related. Lastly, the Avatar of Khaine is a serious consideration for larger point lists; Biel-Tan’s exclusive Court of the Young King stratagem is improved considerably by using it on the Avatar, and is truly a force to be feared in short range and melee combat.

Slap this on Eldrad and one-up those Tzeentch Chaos Sorcerers.

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