10 out. PDF | This work describes the presence of Contracaecum sp. larvae (Nematoda: Anisakidae) found in food fish of economic importance. Contracaecum genus (Ascaridida: Anisakidae) is a nematode parasite of the fish- eating birds throughout the world. A heavy infection of Contracaecum sp. was. Birds are frequently mentioned as hosts of Contracaecum sp. One cormorant species, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (syn olivaceus) Gmelin, (TORRES, ;.

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Parasitic nematodes of Engraulis anchoita Pisces: In male worms, the elongated spicules were equal and the conical tail curved ventrally Fig.

Contracaecum sp | Parasites World

Ascaroidea in a steller sea lion and a white pelican. Spheniscidaena costa do Rio de Janeiro, foram relatadas. Cabi Publishing, New York. The necropsies were performed using the technique previously described by Zander et al.

The comtracaecum of parasites only in the esophagus was observed in only one animal 9. Penguins as marine sentinels.

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Gastrointestinal parasitosis is a common hygienic-sanitary problem in captive animals, being one of the most important disorders that contribute to the weakening of these birds Fonseca et al.


The digestive tract was opened and placed in Petri dishes containing a 0. Five-micrometer sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin HE.

Determination of the number of parasites has not been carried out. All the contents of this contrzcaecum, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. One bird was parasitized by C. Accepted for publication on August 3, In the cases of parasitism by C.

The average width was 0. Engrauliidae from the Argentine and Uruguayan Seas. For a correct classification of the species, at least ten male and ten female parasites were observed and measured. Their development and transmission.

They have found no obvious evidence of damage by the contracaecm in any of the alimentary tracts of the Megadyptes antipodes in New Zeland. Nematode parasites of vertebrates: However, parasite diversity studies in this bird are scarce and the presence of C. Among the three animals infected by C.


Magellanic penguin, Contracaecum plagiaticiumContracaecum pelagicumpathology. Contracaecum pelagicum and C. Helminth and protozoan parasites of the alimentary tract of the yellow-eyed penguin Megadyptes antipodes. Mortality in little penguins Eudyptula minor along the coast of Victoria, Australia.

InTimi et al. In the female worms, the distance between the anus and the posterior end was 0.

Although the penguins of this study did not have ulcers, a hemorrhagic area was observed in the stomach of one animal. The average size of the lips for males and females was 0. Gross lesions in animals infected by Contracaecum spp.

Contracaecum pelagicum was described infecting penguins from the species S. As for the C. Cnotracaecum body showed a thick cuticle bearing transverse striations Fig.

These parasites may be associated with other diseases, implicating in death of the penguins. Further study of Contracaecum pelagicum Nematoda: EdsDiseases of Poultry.

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