The book Catharsis: On the Art of Medicine, Andrzej Szczeklik is published by University of Chicago Press. Catharsis: On the Art of Medicine by Andrzej Szczeklik, MD . revealed the world inside us in his monumental work De Humani Corporis Fabrica, seven volumes. Buy Catharsis from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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For his scientific contributions to the study of asthma and myocardial infarction, he has received awards from the Royal College of Physicians, the Lancetand the Foundation for Polish Science.

Dostoevsky was mesmerized by the Holbein painting. Crucially, Szczeklik elects to go beyond the boundaries of his medical specialty and venture into the many worlds of the history of culture. Medicine, he argues, is a skill derived from magic in which art and science are inseparably woven into a seamless humanistic, scientific, and cultural fabric that includes the biomedical and physical sciences, ancient mythic history especially Greek, music, morals, and ethics.

Whosoever held Prospero’s magic stick was the ruler. When Polish cardiologist and humanist Andrzej Szczeklik’s remarkable book Catharsis: A real gem, this book is highly recommended. Articles from Proceedings Baylor University.

Galen of Pergamon — ad dissected all sorts of animals every day for most of his life, getting to know the innermost secrets of the body, but he never touched a human corpse because it was against the law to do so.

Snakes were coiled in every corner of the Temples of Asclepius in which the sick fell into prophetic dreams amid the silence and gloom of the sanctuary. The viewer, through the protagonist’s ordeal, was excited to boiling point, where his sense of balance wavered; then, the exemplifying action of the tragedy itself sufficed to float him back to safety.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Art and science are woven into a seamless fabric that dissolves traditional boundaries.

Catharsis: On the Art of Medicine – Andrzej Szczeklik – Google Libros

I was intrigued by one of the book’s guiding threads, an exquisitely drawn comparison between a patient’s description of her symptoms and Plato’s path of knowledge. The book provides contemporary physicians with access to humanistic sources that are the wellspring of their profession, and provides humanists with biomedical sources to which they have unwittingly but materially contributed.

Coronis was unfaithful to Apollo, her husband, while pregnant with his child. Jan 30, Jan marked it as to-read. Szczeklik reminds us that the combination of serpent and stick had an expression in the Bible. So Catharsis embarks on a crossing, step by step, of all planes of existential relations.

Kevin Barraclough British Medical Journal. For the patient who does the telling, the story case history is of utmost importance.

Outside the USA, see our international sales information. After the nocturnal visit, the patient awakened free of illness, having undergone katharsis.

The stick of Asclepius is entwined by one snake. But then, as Szczeklik points out, medicine and catxrsis originate from the same root— magic. He encouraged students to familiarize themselves with patients and seize their bodies soon after death.

The infant Cassandra and her brother Helenus were left in a sanctuary overnight.


After Chapter 1, I still had no idea. As Szczeklik explores such subjects as the mysteries of the heart rhythm, the dzczeklik history of pain relief, the enigmatic logic of epidemics, near-death or out-of-body experiences, and many more, he skillfully weaves together classical literature, the history of medicine, and moving anecdotes from his own clinical experiences.

Catharsis: On the Art of Medicine

It was not until the Book of Genesis that snake and man were separated. At around the same time that Doctor Broggi was interviewed, I came across an exceptionally fine book that in some sense explores the questions that span the gap between those two reactions. Speculation on ways to slow aging through genetics, meanwhile, draws directly on the dream of immortality that artists and poets have nourished through the ages.

Lists with This Book. To diagnose illness, doctors rely on clinical manifestations, not causes. In this inspiring book, internationally renowned cardiologist Andrzej Szczeklik draws deeply on our humanistic heritage to describe the artistry and the mystery of being a doctor. A very thought-provoking book, which combines both aspects of modern medicine and Greek mythology, showing the deep roots of the medical world.

Ancient therapies such as ritual reenactments of the creation allowed patients to be born anew, to start life over again.

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