Dez. Dezember geltenden Fassung der Veränderungswert nach § 9 . werden die Wörter,,der Bundespflegesatzverordnung” gestrichen und. ordinance on hospitalisation cost rate (Bundespflegesatzverordnung) and the annual The EN Official Journal of the European Union C / report went to press on 24 April , the bond price Hospital Fees Act) and the BPflV (“Bundespflegesatzverordnung”: German National Hospital Rate.

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For estimating the model effect on the length of stay while adjusting for effects of sex, age, or diagnosis group, a backward analysis of variance ANOVA was carried out. Start Submission Budnespflegesatzverordnung a Reviewer.

The regional psychiatry budget RPB: The longer duration of stay, the traditional greater focus on long-term rehabilitation in a day care setting, and the persistent overrepresentation of affective disorders also explain that needing to subscribe to the integrated care program did not represent an obstacle in this setting.

The number of bundespflegesatzverordnng needing any restraining procedures during their inpatient stays decreased significantly.

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We used only categorical variables, which were documented using standard operation procedures by the staff, and which we expect to be more robust against any changes in the data management process. Their calculated length of stay has been taken into account for Discussion Under the capitation principle of a Regional Psychiatry Budget, the mean duration of inpatient treatment of psychiatric cases could be significantly reduced and shifted to day care and outpatient settings.

We thus here analyze and compare the average lengths of stay of patients of these three groups integrated care, model project, standard care. Methods Study Design The study used a pre-post comparison design.

The hospital is committed to a social psychiatric treatment concept and provides psychiatric care by avoiding inpatient stays and offering treatment in day care facilities and walk-in clinics; this is combined with home treatment if necessary as well as long-term social support services and continuous therapeutic relationships. While during the period before the RPB all cases were treated as inpatients, between and 6, inpatient cases and 1, day care cases were documented. Data regarding the effects of integrated care projects and regional budgets on clinical and financial outcomes are, to date, scarce.


Such a project was established for the first time 10 years ago in the region of Steinburg. As in the case of regional budgets, this should be a powerful financial incentive to reduce the costs of the inpatient sector and to develop more comprehensive outpatient care including assertive community treatment ACT and home treatment All increasing expenditures such as salaries and overheads had to be compensated by reducing other expenditures such as inpatient treatment cost.

§ 6 KHEntgG – Einzelnorm

Conclusion Under the capitation principle of the RPB, providers were better able to provide flexible and continuous care for psychiatric patients in need of inpatient treatment than was possible under the standard reimbursement model, based on single inpatient cases.

The average length of stay for all these groups were calculated and compared. The integrated care program and model project showed no diagnosis-specific effect compared to the subscription program on the average length of stay. The overrepresentation of patients of the F3 group led to an increase in the average length of stay that could then be countered with the new model project.

WW and JT contributed to the statistical analysis of the data and their presentation.

The length of stay of patients who did not take part in this program was Thomas Keil for his input into the discussion.

Rates and correlates of employment in people with schizophrenia in the UK, France and Germany. Mit Und Ohne Bett. Psychiatr Prax 37 1: Interpretation of results In consideration of these limitations, no indicators of health status and social functioning of psychiatric patients in the region indicate any worsening associated with the implementation of the RPB in the long run, nor did indicators of quality of psychiatric care under conditions of the RPB indicate any worsening.

The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. Regional budgets are financing models that are based on the cooperation between regional health care providers and all health insurance companies involved. Limitations As a control group is missing, there are several limitations associated with the study design and data sources.


Spektrum der Psychiatrie und Nervenheilkunde Also, staff members in public institutions are often not used to consider economic factors in their everyday practice, what represents in case of new initiatives such as model projects an obstacle to their full implementation.

First, it cannot be estimated whether there are any events or long-term influences that affected the psychiatric bundespflegesatzverordnyng of the district to different bundespfllegesatzverordnung during the periods before and after the implementation of the RPB.

Psychiatric patients have particular difficulties in navigating through various treatment offers and Social Insurance Codes when receiving continuous treatment.

Mean length of stay of day care patients by diagnosis group. The number of cases living in their own home increased and the number of cases in sheltered housing situations decreased significantly Table 1.

A lump sum is allocated to a major inpatient care provider in a large region on a yearly basis. To avoid this potential negative effect, the legislator introduced another legal basis governing the development of new models of integrated care.

Such difficulties have already been described in the implementation process of new models of care Only then can reluctance and long-established routines be overcome. These results are shown in Table 4.

Administrative, anonymised data for analysis were contributed a by the hospital controlling department, which provided the number of cases admitted to inpatient or day care treatment per year, starting in bundespflegesatzverordnuung and b by the psychiatric department, which provided the number of forced admissions, the number of restraining procedures during inpatient stays which must be documented in Germanyand the clinical parameters that were documented in a standardised basic psychiatric documentation system Bundespflegesatzveroednung for the admission and discharge of each case [ 1314 ].

Chance and opportunity to design psychiatric routine care individually and in the community.

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