An international bestseller certain to appeal to fans of The Last Templar?the thrilling first book in a sweeping medieval trilogy On the eve of the. Robyn Young has worked as a creative writing teacher, financial advisor, folk Once I had the idea for Brethren, I read as many books as I could find on the. Brethren. Brethren Trilogy Book 1. By Robyn Young. Paperback. £ The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. The epic first novel in the.

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New World Rising Series Book 1.

Robyn Young: Fiction | eBay

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. So what is wrong with the novel?

Having now read Brethren, I am surprised that people say this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I highly recommend it. Books yong Robyn Young.

The book has a sequel written by the same author. Brethren Trilogy Book 3 Item Condition: Overall very disappointing as there’s a tangible sense that this could have been so much better if the author had only cut out more of the dead wood and, well, got on with it.

Do you agree with his methods? Do you agree with this statement? Does he forgive himself for his own past?


berthren LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. She does manage to pull me back in time and time again, sometimes quickly and sometimes robyh for a few dozen pages. The Templars, as usual the subject of speculation and rumours of secret societies, are here given a secret Order within and Order, the Youny of the title, who’s existence, and the existence of the while Templar order, is threatened by the theft of a book, the recovery of which is behind the main plot lines in the book.

As he struggles to survive in the harsh discipline of the Temple, Will must try to make sense of many things: The second and more significant reason the novel is worth reading is that Young seamlessly alternates between two enemies’ perspectives without villainizing or herofying anyone.

The Brethren Trilogy (Brethren) by Robyn Young

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Though its “Da Vinci Code” blurbs advertise the book’s mass-commercial appeal, in truth there is beethren similarity between Brown’s ubiquitous contemporary novel and Ms Young’s meticulously researched account of the final years of the Crusades as seen through both Christian and Muslim eyes. The epic first novel in the million-selling Brethren trilogy. Mar 15, Diane Smoak rated it really liked it. The Sirat Baybars, a folk account purporting to be his life story, is still popular in the Arabic-speaking world.

Even the yoyng character was a bit of a disappointment and Everard’s later behaviour seemed out of character.


Brethren Reader’s Guide

Intwo groups – one from France, the other from Germany – set off on a crusade to the Holy Land. The first two books I came to I simply read, assuming, I think, that it would all just remain in my head: Praise for The Brethren Trilogy: As this was Robyn Young’s first book, I reckon that she shows promise in becoming one of the book worlds best writers To use an analogy, imagine having all the right ingredients for a delicious cake, mix them together, bake and getting an undercooked barely edible biscuit instead.

Daughter was Margarite who married the king of Scotland at age How does that guilt solidify in his relationship with Elwen? Discuss the relationships the men in the novel have with women. In terms of visiting places described in the novel, I traveled in Egypt, which was a truly incredible experience. Crusade Brethren TrilogyNew. Why does Baybars agree to a truce? Requiem Brethren Trilogy 3Very Good.

She got it printed in hardback!

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