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While the methodology of ijti-had of Lajnah Bahtsul Masail tends to mazhab oriented. Inthe Nj occupied Indonesia and in September a conference of Islamic leaders was held in Jakarta. Indespite poor relations between the NU and Muhammidayah, the two organizations established the Supreme Islamic Council of Indonesia Indonesian: Indonesia in the s.

The organization was established after The Committee of Hijaz had fulfilled its duty and about to be dissolved. User Username Password Remember me. On 5 Aprila few days after the announcement of a new cabinet without Hasyim, the NU decided in principle to leave Masyumi. The project is funded by the Ministry of Internal Security.

At its conference, held in Makassarthe NU decided not to discuss the split, and passed a resolution banning officials from holding political posts, seen as a commitment to avoiding future political involvement.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Bahtsul Masail taken up at NU plenary session for the first time

Inthe NU worked with Bank Summa to establish a system of rural banks. Three years later, it also argued against Sukarno’s “conception” that would eventually lead to the establishment of guided democracyas this would mean PKI members sitting in the cabinet. Comments by Gus Dur’s daughter, Yenny Wahid, for example, reflected these concerns when she said that the NU was fragmenting and “sliding into irrelevance”.

During the liberal democracy era —NU members served in a number of cabinet posts.


Freedom of religion in Indonesia and Human rights in Indonesia. From the research, we conclude that the methodology of ijtihad in Majlis Tarjih takes more from the classical mujtahid, which mentioned in al-ilm ushul al-fiqh, with maaail limited modifications.

An Encyclopedia of Faiths and Cultures. University of Illinois Press.

Bahtsul Masail taken up at NU plenary session for the first time | NU Online

Building a prevention center in Indonesia to train Arabic-speaking students, alongside Masaiil theologians, to combat jihadist rhetoric. In the ensuing cabinet crisis, the NU made a series of demands, including the retention of Hasyim, and threatened to leave Masyumi. However, the NU later began to oppose Suharto’s regime.


The bank was eventually shut down two years later because of financial mismanagement. The New York Times. Aspirasi Pemerintahan Konstitutional di Indonesia: Views Read Edit View history. There was a clear division between Masyumi, representing outer-island, urban voters and the NU, representing the rural Javanese constituency. Retrieved 5 December The main contrast between them is that in NU, the concept is visible in the form of accepted culture, while in Bahrsul, it takes the form of theology.

Among the guerrilla groups fighting for independence were Hizbullah and Sabillilah, masqil were led by the NU.

InAbdurrahman Wahidthe grandson of NU founder Hasyim Asy’ari, inherited the leadership from his father, and was later elected President of Indonesia in Inthe group took sides with the General Suharto -led army and was heavily involved in the mass killings of Indonesian communists. They were joined by most of the other Islamic organizations in existence at the time.

Bythe NU was using the Javanese language in its sermons, alongside Arabic. Program for Southeast Asian Studies The threat of conflict”.

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