Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing Holmes e la Lega dei capelli rossi (Le avventure di Sherlock Holmes, #2) -. This 2-tohour adventure takes place in the world of Eberron. Date un’ occhiata anche alle altre mie avventure: La Tomba del Re e. » lokendil;» Le nostre Avventure;» D&D 5e – Eberron – “Il Numero 13” Tutto quello che c’è da sapere su Eberron!!! 1, 0, 8/7/, In: D&D 5e – Eberron .

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Howfar are you willing to go to save the life of a child? Can you find the monster and save the village from starvation, or worse? The Red Plumes have increased patrols in the region surrounding Hillsfar, and a string of disappearances has followed in their wake.

From there, the items are bound for Elturgard, where they can finally be destroyed.

To assuage her anger, a new shrine will avvventure to be consecrated. Il Sottosuolo Underdark viene descritto come “un vasto reame sotterraneo abitato da drowmindflayeraboleth e altre strane e sinistre creature. The Soldiery has grown weary of dealing with a particularly nettlesome band of miscreants who have holed up in the Flooded Forest to the south.

Elanil Elassidil tasks you with uncovering valuable information to be used in a strike against the leader of Hillsfar, First Lord Torin Nomerthal himself. The recent discovery of an entrance to the Underdark avvetnure set local leaders on edge.

Adventurers are no longer afraid to go out into the night in search of Fame and fortune.

Return once again to that grand dungeon beneath the teeming streets of Waterdeep! Per mezzo di quest’aura i personaggi acquistano domini composti di province e terreni. Living in seclusion, Colonel Bartimaeus Maximar has taken up residence in the woods of Frostpine, well away from the turbulence of civilized life. As the leader of the factions in the region, Elanil Elassidil must attend the event, however, she has a guest with her.


Will you grant him his rest, or realize the part he is to play in things to come? It seems like a simple task, but followers of Bane also seek the discs. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen.

Lycanthropes have infested the Cormanther Woods surrounding the village of Redcraft, barely kept at bay by our brave adventurers.

Through coercion of their best fence, its current port and owners have been located. In ruins near the city of Thentia, grungs have been trying to build a portal where they could move slaves in secret from the city of Melvaunt. When winter breathes down the mountains, temperature drops and fear rises.

Left in webs and reeking of rot, bodies dot the streets and alleys of the Zhentarim Ghetto, and no one does a thing. A travelling band of adventurers is just what is needed to set things right.

On the southern shores of the Moonsea, the residents of Mulmaster have eked out a living where others would likely have given up long ago—in a bleak city where corruption is rampant and the Church of Bane holds sway. Brave adventurers are needed to travel ebrrron the wild forest to seek the advice of the Sage of Cormanthor.

Dungeons & Dragons. Eberron. Ambientazione

Davis Alara Unbroken Novel Magic: Nel corso di tre anni vennero pubblicati otto manuali in scatola, ma non ebbe un grande successo. Can you rescue the delegates and escape the foul swamp before they meet an untimely end at the hands of their captors? The adventurers are hired to locate the complex and secure its resources for the Mulmaster Diaspora.


No one is eerron as it has affected young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak. Avvebture it’s a great thing to explore a world where you can wander, have new adventures and discover a little bit of the unknown. Civil disorder threatens to throw the leaderless town of Ylraphon into chaos.

D&D 5e – Eberron – “Il Numero 13”

Forces fight back and forth through the halls, and you find yourself drawn into fights where you hope to survive long enough just to make it out. Melvaunt is a city of merchants and metalsmiths.

As with our other products, links embedded within the pdf will move you between entries and sections. Or is eberon simply the pawn of a much greater power?

Dragon Lance & Eberron

Hunter by Will Doyle, James Introcaso. The adventurers must travel to the Isle of Maos, and there fulfill their most difficult challenge yet; convincing Will Brightsong to fulfill his destiny! While many are excited at the prospect of a partnership, Oriel Phoenixfeather is skeptical of any alliance. Dragonborn, James Wyatt, All of this is complicated when a masked benefactor claims to not only know the truth about the blade, but also how it can be used to benefit the oppressed people of Mulmaster.

You have the important mission to bring him to Phlan for prosecution.

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