This standard is issued under the fixed designation E ; the number .. 3 The designations in parentheses following the terms indicate the ASTM standards. Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations. Status: Withdrawn · Replaced by: ASTM E Buy this standard. Price: SEK. PDF. Add to cart. ASTM Ea Standard Terminology for Nondestructive – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

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ASTM E – 18a – Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

Expressed in scale divisions per unit time. In some tests, the reference beam may be re? This is usually done prior to an examination, but can be carried out anytime there is concern about the examination or instrument response.

Nondestructive Evaluation—see Nondestructive Testing. Last previous edition approved in as E — Felicity effect—the presence of acoustic emission, detectable at aatm

See also differential coils. A constant intensity signal, irrespective of the circumferential position of a discontinuity, is e131 of electrical centering. The purpose of this standard is to promote a clear understanding and interpretation of the NDT standards in which they are used. Neutrons are slowed down when they collide with atoms of light elements such as hydrogen, asrm, beryllium, and carbon.

At the end of the test period the chamber is opened to a leak detector which satm sensitive to the gas. Coils of this type are also referred to as annular, circumferential, or feed-through coils. It is the ratio of the distance between the entrance aperture and the image plane L to the diameter of the entrance aperture D.


This is also called pulse repetition rate. In this case, any object information contained in the reference beam is cancelled aztm the object beam by the interference between the object beam and the reference beam.

C-scan—an ultrasonic data presentation which provides a plan view of the test object, and discontinuities therein. NOTE 12—The magnetic constant gm is a scalar quantity differing in value and uniquely determined by each electromagnetic system of units. A process control radiograph may be used to determine image quality parameters in circumstances of large or unusual test object geometry.

Measured in candela per square metre. NOTE 3—A channel for examining? These nondestructive testing NDT methods include: It does not necessarily coincide with the geometrical cross-sectional area pr 2. A line pair test pattern r1316 of one or more pairs of equal width, high contrast lines and spaces is utilized to determine the maximum density of lines and spaces that can be successfully imaged.

These nondestructive testing NDT methods include: When a second gas is not present, the partial pressure is the same as the total pressure. See also halogen leak detector 2. True attenuation losses may be attributed to the basic mechanisms of absorption and scattering. See also skin effect. Additional radiological terms can be found in Section D. Normally expressed in decibel per unit length.


For ideal gases the concentration ratio has the same value as the volume fraction or the partial pressure of the constituent. However, for the purpose of this standard, this word provides a convenient descriptive term for halogen-containing compounds. See also rate of rise.

Leakage rates are expressed in various units such as pascal cubic metres per second or pascal litres per second see Table 3. The device generally consists of a nameplate, connector, case, backing, piezoelectric element, wearface, or lens, or wedge. NC—effective thermal neutron content or neutron radiographic contrast.

Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations

For analysis purposes, dependence of measured data on the system examination threshold must be taken into consideration. One angstrom unit is equal to 0. Nondestructive Inspection—see Nondestructive Testing. Since the ejected electron has short range in most materials, it is not considered part of the scattered radiation. NOTE asttm approaches to zone location are used, including independent channel zone location,?

It can be considered the top surface distance of a complete vee path of sound in the test material. See also standardization, instrument.

One candela produces 1 lumen of luminous? Acoustic emission is the recommended term for general use. This effect generally results in the masking of discontinuities within the affected region.

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