Hi JAVA is a ocean, so as you have going to shown 2+ years of experience you must have The above site is managed by Arul Kumaran, who is well known author for his book Java / J2EE, . Hitesh Kumar, CEO & Founder at Sitesbay. com. Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion [Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, Sivayini Arulkumaran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. + Java/ J2EE Interview questions with clear and concise answers for: job Anuj Kumar. View Arul kumar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Arul has 4 jobs listed on their profile. GWT, Java and J2EE Developer.

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Abstract class Interface Have executable methods and abstract methods. It is part of the analysis of a program and describes a situation that a program might encounter and what behavior the program should exhibit in that circumstance.

LATEST JAVA interview Questions pdf arul kumar

Trust me it is not hard to impress someone if you understand the key areas. A class can contain fields and methods to describe the behavior of an object. But logically or functionally J2EE is a multi-tier or n-tier platform.

Java provides access modifiers to set access levels for classes, variables, methods and constructors. According to Java Agul precedence, which operator is considered to be with highest precedence?


200 LATEST JAVA interview Questions pdf arul kumar

It should be followed by either a catch block or a finally block. Interface inheritance can achieve code reuse with the help of object composition. Give me an instance where you made a significant contribution in improving performance?

If the user leaves the page and returns without killing the current browser session, the start method is called without being preceded by init.

The actions performed by jqva model include activating business processes or changing the state of the model.

Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers – Free Download PDF

Has a sandbox security model. When providing a user defined key class for storing objects in the HashMaps or Hashtables, what methods do you have iava provide or override i. How do you show considerations for others?

These types of errors are very hard to trace and fix. Identified and fixed some transactional issues for the Endeavor project, which is a web based e-commerce application. You can only declare a method or function but not provide the implementation. CO Some of the above mentioned features like searching, sorting, shuffling, immutability etc are achieved with java.

The other two methods are paintBorder Graphics g and paintChildren Graphics gwhich tells to paint any border and paint any components contained by this component respectively.


So while an event is being handled, no painting will occur and similarly while painting is happening no events will take place. HashSet and TreeSet are implementations of a Set interface. A child object constructor always first needs to construct its parent. Which one to favor, composition or inheritance? Yes, use this syntax. Why is String class considered immutable?

Bitter Java by Bruce Tate. What is the order of method invocation in an applet? The listeners are interfaces, not classes.

How will you go about building a Swing GUI client? If two objects have the same hashCode does not mean that they are equal.

Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers

JComponent is the base class. Interacting with a Component causes an Event to occur.

This book is not for star software engineers who are already going places and having multiple streams of income. How would you refresh your cache if your database is shared by more than one application? You can also kukar primitive values due to the new Autoboxing feature. Default layout for Applet and Panel.

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