Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire between AD and , is one of the best recorded individuals from antiquity. Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire In this accessible and scholarly study, Professor Birley paints a. MARCUS AURELIUS A Biography By Anthony Birley Yale University Press. pp. $ WHEN PLATO, in The Republic, foresaw no end of.

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Marcus Aurelius: A Biography

They sent to the senate for their action to be confirmed a very necessary precaution, as the Roman state regarded clubs and societies of all kinds with suspicion, as breeding-grounds for political opposition. Nerva adopts Trajan as his son 98 January Hence it seemed to some contemporary observers and to many subsequent commentators, including Gibbon, that a new principle was then governing the imperial succession: In his last function it was his task to initiate new members and formally to dismiss those who left the order.

But we who have dedicated ourselves in dutiful service to the ears of the men of learning, we must of necessity study these slender minutiae with the greatest care. Antoninus had been junior colleague to Catilius Severus in the consulship of A decent history of a very good emperor.

This confirmed the opinion of Hadrian that he was not ambitious. His public service had not, however, given him very wide experience. He was the source of rewards both titular and financial. The chin is firm, the lips full, slightly parted and serious, even solemn, the eyes are wide apart and deepset.

Herodes was an Athenian, from an ancient family, and enormously wealthy. Eventually Nero took fright at a rebellion in Gaul, and, deserted by the praetorian guards, committed suicide in the summer of Not to find fault when explaining something. Mar 14, Margaret Sankey rated it liked it. Hence the fifteen-year-old Marcus must have appeared the likely long- term successor. The greatest figures of the golden age, Cicero and Virgil, were still admired and anthoyn. But it is relevant to ask how the work was composed, in other marcuz, from what materials.


His name was Quintus Lollius Urbicus, African in origin, younger son of a knight and the aurelous of his family to enter the senate. He had the foresight to plan well in advance and could deal with the most trivial matters without any theatrical fuss. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Celer is mentioned once, in passing, by Marcus in the Meditations, Macer not at all. Marcus rated it really liked it Antohny 30, The versions of their meeting differed: It makes better sense to suppose that Commodus was adopted because of his background and connections.

Both Euphoric and Geminus, who are otherwise unknown, would undoubtedly have been family slaves or freedmen of the Annii Veri. One factor linked them: Dio wrote in Greek a complete history of Rome in eighty books, from the earliest origins to his own day — his account ends with some sombre reflections on the middle years of Severus Alexander, the late s.

Farewell my chief delight, sweetest master. I will say thank you to Anthony for making this aurleius a much more pleasurable one than that one had been. Meanwhile, on the middle Danube there was a diplomatic success. A final illustration will give another glimpse into the atmosphere of these literary circles.

Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. In mwrcus was in Britain, he passed through Spain in on his way to the east, and conferred with the Parthian king on the frontier.


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Marcus Aurelius: A Biography by Anthony Richard Birley

These boys now became M. But what made Marcus Aurelius a household name was the private notebook that he kept in his last ten years, the Meditations. These 2 locations in Victoria: His plans, or at any rate his reaction to the choice of Hadrian, were discovered. Add to that the fact that even if I want to study the courts prevent me — they will take up whole days according to those who know.

It was no longer necessary to flatter the arelius as though he were a god; he contrasted the humanity, frugality, clemency, generosity, kindness, self-restraint, industriousness and bravery of Trajan, who followed Nerva in 98, with the pride, luxury, cruelty, spitefulness, lust, inactivity and cowardice of Domitian.

Marcus Aurelius: A Biography – Anthony R Birley – Google Books

A third teacher was in general charge of Marcus, as his educator trojevs in Greekto watch over his moral welfare and general development. Verus must have been praetor earlier than this and is the likeliest year of his death. The intention was good, though the result seems a little half-baked.

He learned the archaic formulas by heart, anthonj that it was never necessary in his case for them to be read out for him to repeat. For the rest, he had not seen the provinces, let alone the armies — for no military service is recorded for him, and, indeed, none was likely. That was the crux.

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