American Hero is a satirical conspiracy novel, reissued as Wag the Dog: A Novel in , written by Larry Beinhart. It speculates that Operation Desert. Impassioned in its anger, lethal in its aim, American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan-Bush years– and. American Hero by Larry Beinhart – book cover, description, publication history.

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And very interesting conclusions can be drawn. Retrieved from ” https: The basis for the movie “Wag the Dog”, “American Hero” presumably takes its inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s claims that the first Gulf War wasn’t “real.

This article needs additional citations for verification. This film mirrors our current times, and as such, as scary-funny as Trevor Noah’s penis shaped asteroid. Jun 16, Danielle Masursky rated it really liked it Shelves: I cannot recommend this book too highly.

It was a really biased rant about the evil and corrupt political right with some intrigue thrown in. While I am intrigued by the thought of this new material, I was not that unhappy with the ending of the novel.


It is television and motion pictures. I loved the movie, but the book was quite different. If there is ever a need to boost the President’s popularity, stage a winnable war. The plot revolves around the premise that the americaan Gulf War under Bush Sr. It was completely different, but wish that Bush and the politics of the Gulf War was a larger presence, and less about Joe and Maggie.

If you like straight crime drama, you might want to check out his Tony Cassella series, which I intend to read and rate.

By the way, if you’ve seen the movie ‘Wag the Dog’ with Hoffman and DeNiro, it won’t spoil the book for you, since, in Beinhart’s reply as to whether the movie was faithful to the book, he said yes. Bush reelected to a second term taking cues from Margaret Thatcher ‘s similar war in the Falkland Islandswhile at the same time analyzing beinahrt why that conflict had been so popular.

Views Read Edit View history. He said that they had made a great movie; he had written a great b “Wag the Dog” was an interesting read. SatireConspiracy fiction.

Nice Guy gets sucker-punched. I needn’t have worried, because then the movie Wag the Dog came out, which redirected the focus of the story and trivialized the plot, so that no one would take Beinhart’s book seriously Thanks for telling us about the problem.


American Hero by Larry Beinhart – FictionDB

A lot of those irrelevant parts were also really awkward and uncomfortable to read. Want to Read saving….

I liked the movie so I had to read the book. Books by Larry Beinhart. A president wouldn’t hire film directors to tell him what to say and do. That’s what hhero client wanted. The plan is set in motion after Atwater’s death, and Hartman hires movie director John Lincoln Beagle to produce the fake war. Return to Book Page. Presidents don’t manufacture incidents to go to war.

American Hero

In the political part, President George Bush and Jim Baker are given an idea from a man on his deathbed. The detective, heart- broken, then turns to drinking and eventually knocks at a fictional author’s door to tell his story. The political segment of the story is reminiscent of Capote’s “In Cold Blood,” the first non-fiction novel.

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