Nowhere Man has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: TU CHIAMALE, SE VUOI: SUGGESTIONIIl titolo del romanzo nasce da. A native of Sarajevo, where he spends his adolescence trying to become Bosnia’s answer to John Lennon, Jozef Pronek comes to the United States in. Nowhere Man: The Pronek Fantasies [Aleksandar Hemon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aleksandar Hemon, author of T he Question of.

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He lives in Chicago. Books by Aleksandar Hemon.

I preferred being a vague, pleasant memory to having to explain who I was or telling her that I had no job, and when I had one I was smashing boxes. Human endeavor and ambitions are, Hemon seems to suggest, vulnerable to the most inconsequential and unpredictable creatures and events.

Here, Pronek appears episodically as one of the names of the Spy known as Captain Pick. I wonder if having read ‘The Question of Bruno’ first would have helped me with this. I let the woman pass, and then walked slowly, as if walking through deep water, because I didn’t ale,sandar her to think that I was following her.

The Book of My Lives The account here returns to a third person narrative, following on from a long segment in which the commentary is the first person viewpoint of one of the American students in the camp in Kiev.

Yes, I liked this book, but the real reason I’m giving it high marks is that it confirmed my suspicion based on various short stories of Hemon’s that I’ve come across that Aleksandar Hemon is a Real Neat Guy and made me want to read his other stuff, which, I suspect, will be better than this book.

And yet it disappoints. Hemon graduated from the University of Sarajevo with a degree aleksandag literature in When it became clear that he would be in the U.


I lived that same childhood in that same country and it was a nice trip down the memory lane. Comedy and pathos arise from the gulf between Pronek’s inner life and his means of expressing it.

And “I kept wanting to read them the passage when Lear and Cordelia are about to go to prison, and Lear says: This book kind of disappointed me, It was a story of one interesting boy with a rock band from Sarajevothat out of nowhere ended knocking doors looking for support for Greenpeace in the USA, and then the book ends with stories about a Russian Captain in Shangai Built-in poignancy of a presumably intriguing other-ness?

From this point of view, Hemon realizes the incredible performance of reconciling Balzac and Schulz. Quotes from Nowhere Man. A pop-popping noise heard behind the closed door of an office, is interpreted as the work of an executioner with a silenced gun, putting bullets through the skulls of prostrate victims. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub. In making the novel ambiguous to the point of immense frustration and confusion, I think Hemon succeeds at imbuing the reader with the feelings of a “Nowhere Man. May 08, Carl R. Hemon found himself unable to write in his native Serbo-Croatian.

While Viktor peppers his American speech with Shakespearean quotations, Pronek shoehorns complex thoughts into stilted or broken English. Back in the laundry room, I transferred the sodden clothes of the upstairs people to the dryer, then loaded the washing machine.

Nowhere Man by Alexandar Hemon – read excerpt

Despite an initial sense that the material of the short story has been overstretched, the novel startles with the gift of making us see the mundane world anew through language. Mar 02, Allycks rated it it was amazing Shelves: We all disembarked from the train at Howard, leaving behind throngs of peanut shells, and a drunk in a Cubs hat, slumped in the dark corner.


More By and About This Author. I imagined the greasy warmth, the vales of dirt, the wires winding like roads. He is a young nowheer from Sarajevo who left to visit the United States injust in time to watch war break out at home on TV.

Haunted by the present

Moving back and forth in time and between countries, it obliquely glimpses Jozef Pronek through various narrators’ eyes.

As a novel, and a novel featuring the already celebrated Jozef, Nowhere Man should build on the success of The Question of Bruno and easily surpass it in sales.

In a certain sense his life will be perfectly and uncannily recognizable to the vast majority of readers, but then it will also be beyond the immediate experience of that same group. He began writing as a teenager, was a published writer by the time he graduated from Sarajevo University inand later became cultural editor of Dani, the independent Sarajevo weekly.

The novel is filled to the brim with alter-egos and doppelgangers, in fact each narrator seems to embody this literary device. Open Preview See a Problem?

It is s confrontation which is successful in getting the characters and the reader to be really engaged i I finished this over a week ago but hadn’t had a chance to write about it. In a throwaway line, Pronek has a crushing wake-up call that the Beatles Pronek’s favourite song gives the book its title are not as cool as they were in s Sarajevo: Hemon is one of those writers coming out of another language who finds a singular way of expressing himself in English.

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