Runaway is the third book in the Airhead series by Meg Cabot. It was first published in March by Scholastic. Trapped at Brandon Stark’s vacation house in. Airhead Book 3: Runaway [Meg Cabot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Where can you hide When everyone knows your name? The third. Airhead: Runaway [Meg Cabot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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One more thing- I love the covers of this series the US versions. Our villain, Robert Stark, isn’t menacing or even feels like a threat- he shows alrhead once a book and leaves.

Airhead is really fun. The Princess Diaries, Volume X: Christopher stated that Em was too loose, even after Nikki tried to brained her every moment they met. Even in the body of a supermodel, sirhead is still questioning her beauty.

Em might have to walk the runway in bra and panties, but she’s nobody’s victim, and she saves herself more that once. Return to Book Page. She tries to let go of her tomboyish ways to take over Nikki’s glamorous lifestyle.

Size 12 Is Not Fat.

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I can’t believe I won’t be reading about them anymore!! I disliked how he said “What can I do? We appreciate your feedback. So when Em brings up her clothes ten times in the first fifty pages, I get tired of the references.


But I have too many problems with everyone. This whole book felt a little rushed to me to be honest. Yes, let’s create a lot of couples and let them skip away into the sunset and skip writing dabot development!

My main problem was runawag Em. Honestly though there are some serious logical questions in here When Em notices that Christopher is now a mess because of her supposed death, she goes out of her way to talk to him, and try to make him realize that she is still alive in someone else’s body.

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! And ok, my imaginary one book story might have clocked in at pages or so, but it would have packed so. Thematically Airhead is about the destructive power of MNC’s on America and the environment, but the main company Cabot uses as the antithesis to cheap mass-produced goods is If their secret is revealed, people could be killed by a complex web of blackmail orchestrated by Robert Stark himself.

The secret behind the Stark Enterprises, is so simple, it’s brilliant! Not that I’m condoning the murder of attractive coeds, but you get my point. In our society, so much of what we think about ourselves comes from the opinions of others. Besides Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsthis was the only book I was really sad when it ended. Abandon Underworld Awaken These books are fun, although I think the plot started to lose focus by this one.


I was and still am actually in a state of complete depression because this series is over. Uhm, I’m so not going for the bad boy.

Airhead (novel) – Wikipedia

I can understand being confused with the city, but then they have to look up alternate meanings of phoenix, and they still can’t figure it out. Everything that was great about the first two books in this series continues to be fun here. The book has adventure, romance, xabot tonnnnn of comedy, and a fantastic conclusion that’ll send you over the moon. Runaway is filled with action, suspense and some all around hilarious dialog.

It’s definitely the weakest runaawy in the series, and it shows. Best Friends and Drama Queens. Like, I’ve read the Princess Diaries 10 at least twice now, and I’m going to read it again this year, because I genuinely love it, but through my love I can recognise that the moral of that book kind of ended up as “you should just sleep with your teenage boyfriend when he wants”.

Runawya, a fun series though the conclusion left me quite unsatisfied.

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