Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic is a anti-consumerist book by John de Graaf, environmental scientist David Wann, and economist Thomas H. Affluenza has ratings and reviews. Dave said: Let’s begin with the end. The very end. When your time comes and your whole life flashes before. Based on two highly acclaimed PBS documentaries watched by 10 million viewers, “”Affluenza uses the whimsical metaphor of a disease to tackle a very serious.

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Naylor lives outside Burlington Vermont. Government is the problem, not the solution.

The book was considered one of the eight best non-fiction books of the year by Detroit Free Pressand copies were given to every freshman by two universities. Stephen rated it it was amazing Sep 19, For too many angry reasons to go epiddmic right now. About John De Graaf.

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic

You’ll see many others in my current or recent reading list. The difference is that while the aim of the cheapskate books is to get yourself out of debt so you can all-consuminy rich, the aim of this book is to reduce consumption in order to save the environment.

Edwards is the only person in the entire book whose race is mentioned. It’s a noble cause, but personally, I’m more motivated to save my bank balance than the world.

It has some interesting and useful descriptions and prescriptions e. Archived from the original PDF on Kindle Editionpages.

Nov 06, YHC rated it liked it. John de Graaf has been writing and producing award-winning television programs for several decades. Maybe it would be better suited to group discussion than solo read?


The news could be more troubling, even so the feeling of relief is tempered by akl-consuming realization that the rest of life will need to be different. I’ve heard countless sermons and testimonies that start the question, “When your time comes and your whole life flashes before you Plus this would pass down from parents to kids. I can see lobbying your employer, or choosing a career that is less demanding, but federal mandates?

Linda rated it liked it May 14, A life worth looking back on is a life that holds the interest of the person who lived it, as well as all-consumming appreciation of others. Naylor Snippet view – The information contained within may not be anything new to a lot of people, but when it is assembled with their somewhat humorous writing style, it really made me realize how absurd things have become. This book does its subject matter a real disservice. So this book isn’t for me.

The style of writing is such that it is a quick read, mixing anecdotes, facts, and satire.

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic – John de Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor – Google Books

I agree with a lot of the general principles around the book; it’s easy because they’re so nebulously presented and there are so many of them. The underlying message isn’t to stop buying–it’s to remember, always, that the best things in life aren’t things. Or, at least the parts that I liked were excellent. Consumerism in no way – absolutely no possible way – prepares a person to reflect on a life well lived.

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic by John De Graaf

This book is a resource. But there was little detail offered on any subject. They knew that too many Americans place their hope in possessions and that was going to cause problems that we have now experienced since the publication of this book. The informational yet entertaining book, “Affluenza: Common terms and phrases addicted advertising affluenza Age of Affluenza asked average become called cancer Celente chemicals Cindy Adams coffee commercial communities consumer consumption costs credit card culture Dave David debt disease Donella Meadows DotComGuy drive economist example feel friends garage half human income increased industrial infected Internet Juliet Schor Keaton kids lifestyle lives look Machiguenga mall Mall of America Maslow material McMansions Merck Family Meyer Friedman million Americans never parents parking Patient Zero percent of American pesticides pollution poor Potomac Mills psychologist recent rich Richard Swenson says Schor scientists Scott Simon sell shoppers social society species spend square feet stuff symptoms television Terry Tempest Williams there’s things U.


I have no life. Here are a few of my favorites: I really do believe that Americans fall prey to consumerism, but Affluenza lacks any plausible analysis of this. Now in its third edition, this book can safely be called prophetic in showing how problems ranging from loneliness, endless working hours, and family conflict to rising debt, environmental pollution, and rampant commercialism are all symptoms of this global plague.

By some of their comments, I suspect they are not conservative evangelical Christians.

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