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After killing Surapadman at Tiruchendur, Lord Murugan killed the rest of the asuras here, at Tirupporur literally, ‘place of the sacred war’. The Devas celestial gods appealed to Siva for help and asked him to save them from the demons.

Rathinagiri Bala Murugan Temple was built around the 14th century.

Shivan Potris My dear Mohana, Thanks for your post. It is here that Surasamharam takes place, as this temple was Murugan’s battle camp against the asura Surapadman who was being hosted at Vira Mahendrama mid-ocean fortress. It is one pottrri the most famous temples of Lord Muruga in Coimbatore district where Lord Arunagirinathar was blessed with “Padikasu”, wealth of coins.

At the end of Surasamharam, one half of Surapadman assumed the form of the peacock here. This hill temple enshrines the beautiful images of Murugan. The state has 2, temple tanks located in 1, temples.


The Ganesha idol was brought here from Vatapi by the Pallavas. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. This temple is the fifth among the six Holy Abodes. Sage Vasishtar and his wife Arundhathi pray Lord Murugan here to ward off their curses.

In Tamil ‘Manal’ means sand and ‘Kulam’ means pond near the sea, means God near the pond of sand. If I read anywhere, I will post. Though this temple is very old, the structure has been built starting Lord Guru is worshipped as Guru Bhagavan from a separate shrine here, unlike in Alangudi where he is worshipped as Dakshinamurthi.

Sri Subramanya Swami Temple [18]. This is where a miracle took place skvan the year on 12 February. The idol of the chief deity here is supposed to be one of the potgri in South Asia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history.

List of temples in Tamil Nadu

The idol is made of Navaphasanam Dasabashanam. I have the opportunity to do the pooja in the temple here, today for shivrathri. The state also abounds with a large number of temple tanks.

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat pottr Where there is abundance of flowery trees bristling with humming of birds and insects. Archived from the original on The siva linga kolam with flowers is really a feast to eyes.

This temple is the last one of the six Holy Abodes. The Saravanappoigai in this temple was created by Lord Murugan at the request of Valli, his consort.


1008 Sivan Pottri (Language: Tamil)

The temple was worshiped by Lord Bramma and Kamadhenu. Vetri Velyadhaswami appeared in front the great Tamil saint Agastiyar and helped him to perform his pooja Agastiyar. But no hurry at all.

Feb 15, No, create an account now. Also, Lord Murugan assumed the role of the Creator here, after improsining Lord Brahma for his ignorance of the meaning of the Pranava manthiram. Periya Uchipillaiyar Temple Kumbakonam.

Sivan Pottri சிவன்போற்றி (mp3) – London Hindu

This section needs expansion. Mela Kolappadi-Andimadam Ariyalur Dt. This hill is also called Sigaragiri, Pushpagiri and Siragiri and is located between Kangeyam and Perundurai.

Murugan married Deivanai at this abode, also is the fourth among the Six Holy Abodes of Murugan [20] [21]. The name Thilatharpanapuri comes from two words thil meaning Gingely and tharpana is the Hindu ritual of performing pithru karmas ritual of paying tribute to ancestors to ones ancestors. Lord Murugan married Valli at this abode. One of only two temples in the world that show Ganesha with two arms.

Shivan Potris Yes ,please chitra. There is a song-poem Poombarai Velan by Aruna giri nathar who lived during the 15th century [25]. Sri Navaneethaswara Swamy Temple.

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